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Peter Schmitt (pope1701)

Ferrari SF70H F1

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Title:Ferrari SF70H F1
Timeline:Started on February 22, 2020, Finished on May 1, 2020

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1 | 30. March 2020, 18:00
Phil M
Awesome, I have the kit. Cant wait to do it, Im wondering the level of difficulty on this one.
17. August 2020, 09:23
Peter Schmitt
Thank you!

The kit practically falls together, I never had such a well-made kit. Everything fit perfectly from front to end.

Painting and decals are a monster, though. Tiny parts sometimes need 4 layers or more of masking and spraying to get the correct finish. The decals need to conform to very complex round forms, so the model eats decal softener for breakfast.

It was a real blast to build though, I had a lot of fun.
17. August 2020, 20:15
Phil M
thanks a lot!!
26. August 2020, 03:42