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Eduard Tempest Mk. V


20 June 2016, 03:33
Bart Goesaert
it's a nice kit but the area between the cockpit and the tail is too short... seems they forgot to add a complete section there. you will only notice the when you are applying the decals, because you will have trouble lining out the left and right side... in this set you can see what I mean: scalemates.com/kits/154617-jaguar-64813-tempest-detail-set
20 June 2016, 07:22
Wim van der Luijt
Nice project, have one in the stash, so count me in!
20 June 2016, 11:54
Derek Jordan
Bart, that's interesting. By "lining out" do you mean the invasion stripes?
20 June 2016, 13:24
Derek Jordan
Wim, join in!
20 June 2016, 13:25
Bart Goesaert
no, the roundels, squadron and aircraft codes at the side of the hull. it didn't fit like it should on the eduard drawing compared to the model. In my album you can see what I mean if you compare these to the eduard instructions:

TEMPEST Mk.V | Album by Silenoz (1:48)

I've given the roundels a slight offset, afterwards I was talking to someone who built the same model, and talked about my problems with the decals. Then he mentioned that the area behind the cockpit was too small and that there was a correction for it... hence why his decals worked out better.
20 June 2016, 13:55
Derek Jordan
I think I might have met my match with this kit. I'm doing a lot of dry fitting and discovered that with the cockpit in place, the wheel wells will not allow the wing to fit on properly. I've spent hours sanding. I've sanded down the cockpit sides and floor until I am about to sand through the resin. I've sanded down the wheel wells until I am about to sand through the plastic pieces. I'm still about a 1/16'' from being able to make it all fit. I don't see where I can remove material anywhere to give me enough room for it all to fit. I'm about to throw it on the shelf of doom with the Class Airframes Goshawk and move on to something else.
23 June 2016, 05:07
Bart Goesaert
nooooooooo.......... I think I thinded the wall on the wings to which the wheelbays are glued (another 0.5mm gained), and I thinned down the sides of the cockpit (plastic part) so that the cockpit can be mounted a little higher. I also chamfered the parts of the wheelbays that face eachother and sanded a little through the cockpitfloor to get a fit. That last one was minimal, but it can't be seen in the end) I read my old report on it and the wings need a lot of thinning to fit, and also to make the flaps and ailerons thinner, for that I sanded the rear parts of the wing thinner. In the end the connection between the wings and the hull we're more problematic 😉
23 June 2016, 07:24
Derek Jordan
Bart, I think I've found a solution. I can probably get a little more room by thinning the wings as you suggested, but I can shift the wheel well inserts outboard slightly and avoid the problem.
23 June 2016, 14:31
Bryce Nicely
So, I didn't see some of these photos earlier, it's looking to me like your dry-fit solution is working? Or do you not have the cockpit in for that photo with the wings attached?
24 June 2016, 03:00
Derek Jordan
B Nice., actually I've sanded everything I can, including blowing through the bottom of the cockpit. I sanded down the tops and bottoms of both wheel well inserts, and the wing itself. I also pushed the wheel well inserts outboard about 1mm (as you can see in the picture). Tonight I finished drilling out the shell ejector ports, installed the landing lights and the little PE ring around them, and did a final test fit before I start gluing the wings together.
24 June 2016, 03:31
i really like your idea for the formation lights. i have to remember that one. i would suggest to mask with some liquid mask. but of course, first try in one piece of the same transparent acrylic to avoid nasty surprises... and keep it maskes as little time as possible
1 July 2016, 23:03
Derek Jordan
Spanjaard, I have actually already used liquid mask on them. I didn't even think to try it on acrylic. Now I'm worried there will be some unforseen issue. Uhoh.
2 July 2016, 02:15
hopefully it will be ok.
2 July 2016, 16:56
Wim van der Luijt
Looks like you have won the fight with this kit! It is turning out really nice!
4 July 2016, 06:21
Bart Goesaert
looks very good.
4 July 2016, 07:35
Derek Jordan
Thanks Bart and Wim! It's coming along pretty well. After wrestling the decals in the last two kits (Mossie and Aerocobra), these Cartograf decals are amazing.
4 July 2016, 15:28
Wim van der Luijt
What a shame about the replacement prop....which one did you get, if I may ask?
8 July 2016, 06:04
looking really nice
8 July 2016, 17:37
Derek Jordan
Wim, that prop is KMC. Highly not recommended.
8 July 2016, 21:53
Derek Jordan
Spanjaard, thanks! I'm very very close to calling this one done.
8 July 2016, 21:53
Derek Jordan
Except, the resin exhausts I got today don't match the other. Ugh, I have to order the correct one.
9 July 2016, 00:57

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45 images
1:48 Tempest Mk.V (Eduard 1169)
Hawker Tempest Mk.V
GB Royal Air Force (1918-now)
122 Wing SN228/EDM (W/Cdr. Evan D. Mackie)
May 1945 - Fassberg DR
dark green, ocean grey, medium sea grey

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