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1957 Chevy Hard Top

The second time for Christmas exchange. I got the 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Was I happy? A little bit. On the one hand I never (!) built a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Never! Can you believe that? Ok. Then I got this stupid "Boyd" crap.

The motto was "deap, fast, fricky color"

What did I do?
The chassis is out of a 1967 Chevelle Pro Street, the interior of a 1967 Mustang. The hoods inlets upt to the windshield is taken from a mid 90s Mustang. The engine is out of the Viper. Pretty cool. The body is cleaned and chopped. That's it.

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Sorry for some missing parts 😉 


1 30 June 2019, 15:11
That's wicked cool! Love the front end 😉
30 June 2019, 15:32
Chris Greathouse
I love the colors!
30 June 2019, 15:39
Christian W
Thank you! On my point of view, the front end is the best side of the car.
If you ask me, what colors did I take, I have to look into the mans cave. I can't remember what rattle cans (😄!) they where. But it could be, that there is a rest of them. The gold trim is definitely #94 by Revell.
30 June 2019, 16:09
30 June 2019, 19:16


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1:25 1957 Chevy Hard Top (AMT/ERTL 38342)

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