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Scott Dutton (ScottieD)

UK Harrier GR.3


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James C
Nice looking Harrier Scott 👍 Taking a break from armour?
9. August 2020, 18:30
Scott Dutton
Yep, in Falklands mode and that has morphed into UK generally
9. August 2020, 19:42
Jos Jansen
Haven't seen your armor stuff, but you sure build nice planes...👍!
9. August 2020, 19:47
David Taylor
Pig of a kit,you did well to resurrect that one.I opted to chop the nose off and utilised the Tamiya body.
9. August 2020, 19:59
Scott Dutton
Thanks Joe, I'm better at armour as I'm not neat by nature and armour is automatically filthy but my modelling is a bit verlinden era so not up with all todays techniques.

David, understatement of the year. It was horrible to start with, but in trying to join the fuselage halves, there was some warpage and I snapped the nose below the cockpit. Then in trying to fix that I used hair dryer on fuselage to try and get bend out and promptly melted the area around the intake so it no longer has intake into engine properly and the fuselage is concave near intake. It was going into bin, when I heard new GR1 is due for release this year, but it taunted me so just accepted the faults and finished as a place holder in the cabinet until that kit is released, which we all know may be never, especially as it's a GR1 then have to wait for the GR3. Its done, out of sight, out of mind, but this beautiful plane and warrior deserves better.
9. August 2020, 20:30
David Taylor
Kinetics GR1 is also their GR3,their T4 is also able to be built with the laser range finder.I have the old Monogram GR! but I am waiting as you are for the Kinetic offering.All the Kinetic kits look superb{have them all}but at present building T12 from NWC and Hasegawa.
9. August 2020, 20:41
Scott Dutton
We arein similar positions, the stash has 7 harrier still. There is plans for an USMC AV8A, a UK GR1, the GR3 redo, and quite a few of the latter variants. I also went the Hasegawa NWC T12 route but not built yet. Have all Kinetic duals ans one SHAR, but have built a few of the Tamiya and Airfix SHAR 1/2 especially Falklands. If you havent built the Trumpeter 32nd it is so nice I bought a second for a UK version, my favorite being Lichen Green GR3, it's a beautiful colour harrier. Just love them.
9. August 2020, 23:32
David Taylor
Word of warning when you do the NWC the glass partition between the two cockpits glue to the rear console not the canopy as per instructions I did to my cost,dropped it and got glue on canopy glass.It is however a cracking conversion set.
10. August 2020, 14:47
Scott Dutton
Thanks for advice
13. August 2020, 06:50


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1:48 BAe Harrier GR.3 (Airfix A05102)1:48 MB.Mk.9B (Pavla Models S48010)1:48 Harrier GR1/GR3 (Kinetic K48060)

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