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Bruce Playfoot (BP)


Building the single seat version of this one of a kind aircraft.


6 | 26. April 2020, 04:16
Bruce Playfoot
It was designed as a courier and quick transport that could convert from pilot only to pilot & passenger. There was only one made and it is still in a museum in Europe. It is a very small model, even for 1:72.
28. November 2020, 16:53
Retaking follow-up, Bruce😉
28. November 2020, 19:46
Bruce Playfoot
This project has stalled as I am trying to finish 2 other projects at the moment. There are in fact 24 images on this project.
5. December 2020, 18:22
Robert Podkoński
The real thing is kept in the Prague Technical Museum. It was conceived and built for the officials of the "Bata" concern.
I have completed the model some time ago and just want to warn you that the fit of the canopy is really poor (not mentioning that it is overly thick...). I suggest manufacturing the one from thin transparent foil.
5. December 2020, 18:55
I agree with Robert ... I also had problems with the adjustment of the canopy. Also the interior looks distorted looking through it.
5. December 2020, 19:01
Bruce Playfoot
Thanks Guys,

I have already taken the canopy into consideration and have trimmed it to adjust. Can't do much about the thickness and distortion, unless I use the original to vac-form as replacement.
6. December 2020, 03:43
Robert Podkoński
That's the best you could do (the other option is to leave it open somehow) taking into account your efforts to reconstruct the interior and the effect of it I find perfect. Myself, I just painted everything appropriately, since not much is visible through this canopy...
6. December 2020, 09:27
Nice job so far 👍
What paint have you used?
14. June, 18:12
Robert Podkoński
I admire the way you have managed with fitting the canopy. Congrats!
14. June, 20:05
Bruce Playfoot
Cuajete: Thanks! I used Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf with gloss coat.
15. June, 04:33
Bruce Playfoot
Robert Podkonski: Thanks for that. I was a bit of work and not proven, yet. We'll see when the masks come of how successful it really was!
15. June, 04:34
Bruce Playfoot
Jonn: Agree on all, Jonn! I'm a big fan of racing aircraft.
16. June, 01:32


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