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Calvin Gifford (LodniK)

VAQ-139 EA-6B Prowler 2007

Doing this for my local VFW Ship Post Captain, who was a shooter with the Cougars of VAQ-139 during OEF/OIF! Trying to get it done for her Birthday!


25 December 2014, 00:40
Calvin Gifford
I don't know if it was my laptop or this site - but after putting in the photo to upload I put in a explanation of what it was and it disappeared! Nearly punched my laptop! I spent about 5 minutes typing it out!!!
25 December 2014, 00:48
Calvin Gifford
Once more! A bit of an update. I have most of the cockpit done, just have to add a few levers and handles. The seats were not terrible and since the cockpit will be buttoned up and tinted I just cleaned up the Monogram seats and removed the molded in seatbelts to replace with PE. The misshapen "football" and Ventral Fin have been removed to replace with the Wolfpack Productions items. I've also removed the incorrect (for a Prowler) armor plating from under the fuselage and tail on the STBD fuselage kit half and put some Tamiya Surface Primer in areas where I went a bit too deep with the razor blade. I'm using Jim Rotramel's guide from Hypescale but I don't have time to fix ALL the inaccuracies!


25 December 2014, 01:04
Calvin Gifford
Oh - and Merry Christmas everyone!!
25 December 2014, 01:14
Calvin Gifford
19 January 2015, 20:05
I'll still do mine.. I can live with some issues.. 🙂
19 January 2015, 23:24
Calvin Gifford
It would be so bad if I wasn't time-pressed! I'm already a little bit late for the birthday but I would rather do it right than half-a$$ it! I would bet that the Kinetic kit has issues of it's own and I know it is twice the money! 😉
20 January 2015, 03:48
Calvin Gifford
I would hope they didn't make the same mistakes Monogram made! LOL
20 January 2015, 04:23


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