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1 | 16. September 2018, 21:11
Steven Van Dyck
The build has started. 5 years ago I found a derelict piece of photo etch on the floor of Moveleo's Model Force meeting. I found a kit that lacks this PE and will try to enhance it.
16. September 2018, 21:16
Steven Van Dyck
The cockpit is painted and installed in the hull.
19. September 2018, 21:30
Steven Van Dyck
The yellow tail is painted.
27. September 2018, 19:35
Steven Van Dyck
The black decals are added. it still needs some repair.
29. September 2018, 21:06
Steven Van Dyck
I removed a lot of the black stripes and replaced them with Tamiya black. This gave better results on the vortex generators and corrected the offset.
30. September 2018, 18:20
Steven Van Dyck
The bare metal has been sprayed on.
2. October 2018, 21:42
Steven Van Dyck
Decals have been placed and now the wheelbays are painted green.
10. October 2018, 21:32
Gordon Sørensen
Nice job with the NMF. Alcad? The black stripes defonately look better painted. Aluminum foil for paint masks?
10. October 2018, 23:17
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Gordon. I've seen other people presuming this paint is Alclad, but it's just a generic brand of household spray can, named Sencys. It happens to deliver a very shiny finish. The decals of the kit have a tendency to rip off if you use a lot of taping during masking, hence the alufoil. I didn't want any overspray, it would be conspicuous on the black and yellow.
11. October 2018, 05:10
Steven Van Dyck
The Sabre Dog is already finished! Panellines are washed with Vallejo dark brown, this can be scratched off when dry. The decals would peel easily even when sealed.
29. October 2018, 19:54
30. October 2018, 04:00
Wim van der Luijt
Very shiny and colourful, nice clean build to be proud of
30. October 2018, 07:30


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1:48 F-86D Dog Sabre (Revell 04553)

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