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Results of 2021


40 | 8. March, 14:37
James C
That's a stunning looking G6! 👍
8. March, 16:42
I agree with James!
9. March, 10:14
Nathan Dempsey
All nice builds 🙂
9. March, 13:12
9. March, 14:14
Alexander Grivonev
Sharp looking 109👍
9. March, 17:04
Yes! Fantastic looking builds, agree with all ?
29. March, 13:06
109 is fantastic, and the 75mm in picture 7 simply looks like the real deal.
29. March, 13:23
Sebastian Meyner
Beautiful builds 👍
1. April, 14:22
Daniel Klink
Amazing Builds jens 👍 You have been very productive in 2020👍
But as mentioned otherwise HO and Corona is nevertheless crap
The Gustav is really nearly perfect mate👍
1. April, 15:36
Rui S
Great works. Very well done 👍
1. April, 20:23
@Daniel: Yes, the last 12 months have been very difficult. Home office, loneliness, dark thoughts, many shadows and fading hope ...

But back to the models: Some rivetcounter told me, that the position of the flaps is wrong - so this Gustav is far away from perfection. Maybe the next one?😉
6. April, 14:06
Daniel Klink
Oh yeah, and 2021 does not seem to get any better..
Keep up the fantastic wok mate👍
6. April, 15:03
Rui S
Mate, cheer up, it will be better soon.
Maybee, time for an AFV 🤔😉
11. April, 14:52
AFV? No, this time a few sizes bigger 😉
21. April, 17:30
Alec K
Very nice production 👍
22. April, 00:45
Very beautiful models! Hoping for more .....................
29. April, 17:42
Q: I wonder, what might be the best way to add smoke stains/streaks?
Airbrush? Pigment/powder? Oils? I would think pigment powder would make a lot of sense for adding smoke staining/streaking.

Presumably it makes sense to want to layer the effect to avoid having to add it in one go.
24. June, 20:33
Pigments offer lesser control, so i preferr applying a dark color as the base and after that adding effects woith oil paint.
25. June, 13:13
Very unusual Nieuport, compared the my Nieuports (of another era) 👍
8. August, 16:08
Mike Kryza
Really a nice collection! 👍
8. August, 17:23
That LN.40 is really colourful. 👍
8. August, 18:34
Many thanks mates.

@Bughunter: your Nieuports play in a different league. And my is missing an engine from Smallstuff 😛
9. August, 06:15
Slavo Hazucha
Results of 2021? the year that´s hardly half over yet...?? I have one unfinished model this year so far... 😄

and some great stuff there - love the yellow-black belly of the Tempest, all the naval stuff - pretty much every kit a deal here! 👍

Looking forward for Q3/Q4! 😉
9. August, 08:40

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