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4 | 28. June 2017, 13:43
Aaron Liles
don't know what happened to the pics?!
28. June 2017, 13:51
Christian Bruer
Whatever, but the work is outstanding 👍 I will follow this.
28. June 2017, 15:58
Looks interesting. Any progress?
29. July 2019, 21:16
Choppa Nutta
Holy dog noodles Batman !!
.. this is a total throw back of nostalgic proportions for me !! 🙂
I remember collecting the Kellogg's box lids to get this as a kid,
just wow ! never thought I'd see this again let alone being built properly ! 🙂

Where on Earth did you get this kit ?
where did you get the PE set for it ?
and where can I get one ? 😄

Don't tell me this has been in your stash for the last 45 years or so ! haha 😄
just awesome to see it again, definitely following this build !!

(if only Scalemates had a feature that could rotate images 90 degrees !! 😄 )
29. July 2019, 21:40
Aaron Liles
Cheers folks. Photos now rotated. @Choppa Nutta. So many questions!?!
Purchased from eBay. They appear every so often.
The PE are various sets. Dock yard cranes, water towers & ship parts which will be cut up as required.
8. August 2019, 06:37
Aaron Liles
Hoping to progress soon.
8. August 2019, 06:38
Choppa Nutta
well this is nice kick of nostalgia for me 🙂
clever with the PE bashing 😄
if I stumble across I'll probably buy it 🙂
8. August 2019, 20:02
Dash Rendar
Awesome project! Looking very good so far, please don't give up. 😄
18. February, 22:11
Łukasz Gliński
That's cool one 🙂
19. February, 08:59
Want to see more of this. 🙂 I remember I visited a drilling platform once. It was interesting how you had to go up the stairs from sea level, up to the top of the platform. Lots of sea/ocean beneath the stairs. 🙂
19. February, 09:33
Aaron Liles
Thank you. Still progressing but very slowly.
19. February, 19:01

February 4, 2021

Aaron Liles added a new photoalbum.
4 | 17. March 2014, 21:54
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I'm in.
looks good 👍
3. December 2019, 20:09
Живко Джаков
Cool. Favorite topic. Land rover and tracks.
4. February, 11:52
Aaron Liles
Thank you. Stalled build. Still on the bench. Although just received resin land rover kit from air-graphics... could inspire me to start again
4. February, 17:46
Alex K
Glad to see this one resurfacing - I would very much like to see this project back on track(s)...
4. February, 18:26
4. February, 21:11
Aaron Liles added a new project.
1:72 MH-47E SOA Chinook (Italeri 1218)1:72 Boeing Model 234 Civil Chinoook (Whirlybird WBA72040)1:72 ACH-47A Gunship (Eduard 72208)1+
Boeing Model 234
GB Civil British Airways (1974-now)
2 | 17. August 2016, 14:03
Aaron Liles
1. April 2020, 11:48
Roland Sachsenhofer
Adorable work and a wonderful result! I really like that outcome!
1. April 2020, 11:55
I agree with Roland.
1. April 2020, 12:31
Aaron Liles
thanks guys
1. April 2020, 14:05
Paul Reddmeister
Looks great. Where did you manage to source the Whirlybirds set from?
4. February, 09:08
Aaron Liles
I think I bought this whirlybird set from aviationmegastore.
4. February, 17:44
Aaron Liles added a new photoalbum.
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20 | 8. August 2019, 11:49
Mirko Römer
Superb Chinook, congrats!
17. January, 19:52
Very nicely done!
17. January, 19:55
Łukasz Gliński
Such a rare topic and such a brilliant build. 👍
How come we haven't stumbled upon these pics for so long?
17. January, 20:11
Love it! Nice to a civilian version.
17. January, 21:52
Aaron Liles
Thank you all very much
17. January, 22:39
Oleg Bogolei
very nice done!
18. January, 07:00
I agree with Oleg!👍
18. January, 09:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
Great results! Such a rare and interesting subject, wonderfully executed!
4. February, 09:13
Paul Reddmeister
How did you modify all the windows ie was it a kit? Thanks
4. February, 09:34
Aaron Liles
Thanks guys. @ Paul. I used the whirlybird 234 conversion kit WBA72040 Boeing Model 234 Civil Chinoook (Whirlybird WBA72040, 1:72)

1:72 Boeing Model 234 Civil Chinoook (Whirlybird WBA72040)
4. February, 17:41

January 20, 2021

Aaron Liles wants this item
20. January, 13:22

January 18, 2021

Aaron Liles added a new photoalbum.
24 | 21. February 2015, 23:32
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What did you use for the antennas?
17. January, 18:01
Fantastic job. Congrats!
17. January, 18:51
Mirko Römer
What a great build, wow!
17. January, 19:49
Aaron Liles
Thank you all very much. @skywalker I used the bristles from a fan brush. Cut them to size, colour using permanent marker or paint (depends on required colour)and attach with a small dab of white glue. The benefit is that they are not brittle and clumsy hands and thumbs won't snap them off 😄 hope this helps. Happy modelling
17. January, 22:45
Wow what a great idea... You really have done a phenomenal job modeling.
18. January, 00:34

January 17, 2021

Aaron Liles and Etienne Chacra are now mates.
17. January, 22:35

October 11, 2020

Aaron Liles and John Weideman are now mates.
11. October 2020, 04:32


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