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Kerry COX (RedRoo)

Unboxing and build of the 1/24 Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador

A few images of "What's in da box.!" Close ups of some of the interesting parts that will go to make up what I see as a stunning kit with great detail throughout.


Peter Hardy
25 May 2021, 23:47
Kerry COX
Yes mate. With a couple of guys eying it off as was I. 🙂 So, I grabbed it and a 10% discount for me too. 🙂
25 May 2021, 23:59
Peter Hardy
Well, aren't we special! They would have charged me double ..... ;-(
26 May 2021, 10:22
Alexander Grivonev
Great kit review, following with interest👍
31 May 2021, 10:58
Kerry COX
Thank you Alexander. I have had a lot of new experiences with this kit. Fun really, picking my way through. Looking at as many builds here on Scale Mates for clues and suggestions on how to get the best results as I can find. 😉 Cheers. !
31 May 2021, 11:39

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