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Clifford Keesler (stormrider509)


Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group Build 2020

Hasegawa's F-14D Tomcat in 148 scale.

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In progress
1:48 F-14D Tomcat 'CVW-14' (Hasegawa 07212)1:48 F-14 Alfa probe & Angle Of Attack probe (Master AM-48-007)4+


13 | 21. August, 20:17
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Maciej Bellos
Grabbing a seat.
21. August, 21:04
Nathan Dempsey
Yes, another cool cat.
21. August, 21:16
21. August, 21:29
Clifford Keesler
Welcome aboard Maciej, Nathan and Roland. I hope this one turns out better than the last one. LOL.
22. August, 01:52
Clifford Keesler
Hope to get the pit finished tomorrow and the intakes painted.
22. August, 01:56
Clifford Keesler
A brief update, cockpit finished and fwd fuselage closed up and intakes painted. Pics tommorow.
24. August, 01:27
Nathan Dempsey
I'm going to be refreshing the screen a bunch tomorrow...
24. August, 01:30
Michael Phillips
Nice start so far Clifford, those IPs look fantastic!
24. August, 13:50
Looking good so far, taking a seat as well.
24. August, 22:23
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Nathan, Michael and Alexander. The fuselage is complete now, but covered in drying putty, fit was horoable LOL.
25. August, 00:04
Clifford Keesler
Finally made some progress on this beast.
26. August, 21:37
Erik Leijdens
Looks good Clifford!
26. August, 21:39
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Erik, your kind words mean a lot. It is my first Hasegawa F-14, and it has been a challange.
26. August, 21:47
Clifford Keesler
OH crap, I forgot to paint the RIO's radar screen will have to fix that. LOL.
26. August, 21:50
Nathan Dempsey
That's getting big real fast :)
26. August, 22:21
Cockpit looks nice!
26. August, 23:36
Guillaume Blanchet
Nice cockpit, I like it!
26. August, 23:44
Slavo Hazucha
Let´s have a look over here too! :)
27. August, 08:24
Oh hey, really missed this! Continuing the cat build spree with great progress, awesome cockpit Have you yet decided which squadron it will be?
27. August, 15:39
James C
That's a great looking cockpit interior, and you a brave soul if you intend to re-scribe that thing!
27. August, 19:41
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Nathan,Alexander, Guillaume, Slavo Daniel and James. Your kind words mean a lot.@ Daniel, I think I am going to do it in VF-2's final cruise GAG markings. @ James, it is the Revell kit I am re-scribing not this one.
28. August, 02:57
Michael Hickey
Nice pit Cliffy.
28. August, 06:00
Clifford Keesler
Thank you much Michael.
1. September, 02:24
Clifford Keesler
Quick update, finally got the fuselage all done, and started painting the nozzles.
1. September, 22:28
Patrick Hagelstein
All black and pristine, that could be a Vandy 1! :)
5. September, 03:48
Slavo Hazucha
@Patrick - I'm really surprised (& mildly disappointed) that in the 2020 Tomcat surge, there has not been one yet... Just look how good it looks wearing all black... :)
5. September, 08:46
Nathan Dempsey

Yes, it would be tempting to let it stay all black.
5. September, 12:18
Clifford Keesler
Thank you Patrick, Slavo and Nathan. Hey I have been looking at Fighter Towns sheet that has 3 different "Black Cats" on it, but it is crazy expensive. I finally talked the wife into the AMK "D" model, don't know if I can wangle another 30.00 for a decal sheet. LOL.
6. September, 01:18
Slavo Hazucha
You're in luck, the AMK D, besides being a superbly beautiful kit, has a Vandy one option in the box. :) With pretty much every control surface or brake posable or open, that is bound to be a looker!
6. September, 06:48
OO another cat from clifford, am in
6. September, 14:49
Clifford Keesler
Thank you Slavo and Augie. @ Slavo, I am looking forward to the AMK "D" cool to hear that it has the Vandy one scheme. That is one of my favorite Tomcat schemes. This one got the marble coat on the fuselage and wings today.
7. September, 23:48
Clifford Keesler
Finally started painting the beast.
12. September, 01:09
Don't forget you can easily fix the paintjob with some fine sand paper (very gently) if you get splatter or whaterver, but also then remember to get the dust out of the panel line grooves, or you risk having that dust clogging up the panel lines later on. I tend to clean my needle very often with a tiny flat brush soaked in airbrush cleaning liquid, but I somehow got a splatter once, yesterday. I think it was because I had been airbrushing for a longer time over a large model, and I think it was after I started the airbrush a third time, I got the splatter. I like using the Tamiya sanding sponges. I think the finest one might be 3000 grit.
12. September, 09:17
Roland Gunslinger
Coming along nicely
12. September, 10:08
Nathan Dempsey
I agree with Roland & that paint work is already looking good too.
12. September, 11:29
Agreed, good progress.
12. September, 12:24
Clifford Keesler
Thank you Treehugger , Roland Nathan and Alexander for your kind words, they are much appericated. @ Treehugger, I was having some splatter problems, it was very humid and the moisture trap on my compressor and the inline one on my airbrush kept filling up with water. I would forget to clear it sometimes when I cleaned the nozzle off, and I would get a big spurt of water. I will go back and fix them. I was painting 2 Tomcats at the same time so the brush and compressor were running for extended periods.
13. September, 21:57
Michael Hickey
she's coming along now Cliffy.
14. September, 06:37
Clifford Keesler
Thanks Michael. I got the Dark Ghost Grey painted today.
14. September, 21:09
Clifford Keesler
All paint except slats finished today, pictures tommorow.
17. September, 01:41
Daniel Klink
that kitten developes into a very impressive tomcat Clifford
17. September, 20:38
Nathan Dempsey
Getting to the fun part now :) looking nice.
17. September, 20:44
Slowly coming together I see.
17. September, 21:23
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Daniel, Nathan and Alexander. I hope to start the salt weathering tommorow. Progress has been slow, as I am also building Maverick's Top Gun A model for my son. It is a Revell kit, so it got a total re-scribe.
17. September, 22:55
Donald Dickson II
Hmmmm. I have the early version boxing now tucked away in the stash. This doesnt look as easy as the Tamiya seems to be. LOL
18. September, 03:04
Clifford Keesler
It's not , that is for sure.
18. September, 19:43
Michael Phillips
Looking great Clifford! I bet it feels good to beat this kit into submission as you have done!

Donald, having built both, I can tell you that these two kits (Tamiya and Hasegawa) are on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum as far as ease of build.
18. September, 19:51
Clifford Keesler
Thank you Michael for your kind words. It is getting to the fun part now, so hope it goes well from here on out.
19. September, 03:22
Really looking good, nice work with that kit clifford! I as well have my hasegawa shelf queen silently challenging me for severeal years now. One day - but not today...
19. September, 08:38
Clifford Keesler
Thank you for your kind words Daniel, they mean a lot. I think when this one is done it's time for some WWII stuff. LOL.
19. September, 21:04
Clifford Keesler
I got the first layer of salt weathering done today, last layer tomorrow, then finally decals and weapons.
21. September, 23:48
Looking good!
22. September, 10:22

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