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John Thomas (king57)

Earth vs Flying Saucers

From the 1956 movie


3 | 4. April 2015, 14:57
John Thomas
One of my favorite si-fy movie. I will use the kit Saucers landing on the White House lawn as seen in the movie and may add the little dues so stay tuned.
4. April 2015, 15:02
John Thomas
Flying Saucer under way. It only has 4 parts and I am only going to use 3 of them. I have the Saucer glued together. The fit was very nice. There is a small seam that runs all around the underside near the edge of the bottom saucer. A little sanding and putty may be needed.
5. April 2015, 18:16
Dave Flitton
Looks lke fun! What color are you going to paint the?
5. April 2015, 23:42
Dave Flitton
5. April 2015, 23:42
John Thomas
Dave, The movie is in black and white so it's hard to tell. It's all gray in the movie but I am thinking some kind of Metallic gray
6. April 2015, 12:19
John Thomas
I have the primer coat of gray on the saucer and started the base. Will do some dark per shading before any final metallic finish coat.
14. April 2015, 20:02
John E
Heh, I like that movie too. I just bought this kit.
14. April 2015, 23:50
John Thomas
It's a fun movie. If you like old si-fi movies. I found a video on you tube about Ray Harryhausen who did the special xf and stop action for the movie and designed the flying saucers
15. April 2015, 00:12
John E
I didn't realize Harryhausen had done that. I remember seeing this movie in the late 60s or early 70s and many times after that. You can't beat 50s Sci Fi. They should do an Invasion of the Body Snatchers model. ;)
15. April 2015, 03:30
John Thomas
I have completed the Flying Saucer. It took only 5 minute to build and 10 days to paint. I started having problems paint with the Gray Primer coat. I was getting small round dots in my paint work. At first I did not know what it was until I looked at my air compressor. I saw water drops in the Moisture trap. This was a first for me. I lived in Florida for over 30 Years and did not get any water in my air line or moisture trap. until a few days ago here in Pittsburgh. In cleaning out my moisture trap I drop it and broke it. I found a new one at harbor freight for under $20.00 dollars US. I did not like the gauge that came the the Regulator so I use the one from my old regulator. A good Modeling friend also gave me a new air hose with an in-line air filter and moisture trap, so far so good. The Metallic steel went down nice. When dry I wet sanded it with a 4000 grit sanding pad and then rubbed it with an old sock. I liked the way it turned out. I just need to mount the Saucer on the base and done.
30. April 2015, 13:20
John E
Looking good! I like that color. Can't wait to see it on the base!
4. May 2015, 01:04
John Thomas
John, I will post one soon thanks
4. May 2015, 12:16


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