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30. January 2014, 20:45
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Wim van der Luijt
Wow...just, WOW
30. January 2014, 21:07
I know, it's out of control
30. January 2014, 21:10
I really dont know how many kits I have. It would be close to around 700 or so. and I know that at is small in comparison to other modeler stashes. I tried to start an inventory some years ago but only got a few boxes done. 98% are 1:72 scale aircraft. 2% 1:48 scale aircraft. With a handful of 1:32 scale aircraft and a few armor and cars kits. 24 years in the making. I have multiples of many kits 3, 4 and more on some. When I moved back into my mom's house I give away over 100 kits. Many to a Veteran group who sent them to Iraq.
30. January 2014, 21:46
Hunter Cummins
If I could have 1 minute
And could just run through lol
30. January 2014, 21:56
Martien Lourens
Wow that's luxury .... a toilet in your workroom ....i like it. :)
30. January 2014, 21:59
You wanted to see the hidden stash so there it is. It's hard to believe but I know one modeler who has over 12,000 kits last time I talked to him a year ago.
30. January 2014, 22:02
And I thought 22 kits is big...
30. January 2014, 22:08
Hunter Cummins
I like what I see lol
30. January 2014, 22:09
You are just getting started. Give it time and one day you will go OMG where did all this stuff come from
30. January 2014, 22:11
Bill Gilman
You need to get it all inventoried on Scalemates, so we can see which ones we want to buy or trade for! :)
30. January 2014, 22:11
That is what I would like to do. Lets get ready to rumbull
30. January 2014, 22:22
Jermaine Hoskin
My stash is an afternoon snack to your monster!
30. January 2014, 22:52
Peter Jenssen
After about 10 years, I have finished about 4 kits, have about 10 started but not finished yet and roughly 10 not started. -And _I_ get the feeling it's too many and out of control.. :-/
You'd have to build about one a week to have a hope of building all that!! :-D
30. January 2014, 23:21
Yes and I will be lucky to finish one a month
30. January 2014, 23:37
Hunter Cummins
Wheres thatfor sale list???
I have a fewextra bucksandi needsomemore armor and aircraft ;)
30. January 2014, 23:40
Bill Gilman
I started to salivate when you said 98% of your stash was 1:72! The One True Scale! :) :) :)
30. January 2014, 23:42
Urban Gardini
n' what are the GPS coordinates for your garage? ;)
30. January 2014, 23:42
Fabian D.
and when are you on next holidays? ;)
30. January 2014, 23:44
Urban Gardini
30. January 2014, 23:45
Bill Gilman
Why gentlemen, whatever are you thinking about? :) :) :)
30. January 2014, 23:46
Urban Gardini
What are you thinkin' on mate?
30. January 2014, 23:47
Fabian D. I was thinking... was thinking ähmm .. of visiting John, so that´s why I asked :D
31. January 2014, 00:07
Jermaine Hoskin
Hunter, I'm with you. For Sale?
31. January 2014, 00:11
The location of the stash will remain my secret like the Holy Grail. At this moment no sales. I really need to know what I have. I know I
have many of the same kits I could let go with some but need to do that inventory. That will be a good project to start in the spring it's just to cold to work in my garage. Howevery a trade may be in the offing. I am looking for a 1:72 YF-23 unopened. One would be nice, Two even better. Italeri or the testors kit. An ideas and I agree about 1:72 scale the best.
31. January 2014, 01:10
A YF-23?? Hmmm. There's one at my's open but complete...let me know if we can work out a trade. I can get it for cheap
31. January 2014, 01:20
Brandon, Let we think about it and I will let you know
31. January 2014, 01:25
Ok sounds good!
31. January 2014, 01:28
But before anything,I need to go to my Lhs and make sure it's still there...I'll either call them tomorrow,or go there this weekend. You'll know by Monday
31. January 2014, 01:29
Mike K
They should have a TV show about model hoarders. :)
31. January 2014, 02:49
"I don't usually go down to my basement;but when I do,it's to get a model kit"-Most Interesting Man In The World
31. January 2014, 02:55
"I don't always buy model kits;but when I do,they go in my basement to never be built"-The Most Interesting Man In The World :P
31. January 2014, 02:59
"Dos Equis"
31. January 2014, 03:01
Mike K
"I don't always buy models and throw them on the pile.....oh wait....yes I do."
31. January 2014, 03:02
Greco Otero
1/72 heaven!
31. January 2014, 03:48
Alan Rush
Hello John. Are you saving the champagne bottles for when you finish the last kit? :)
31. January 2014, 05:50
It is true that I have a better selection of kits than most hobby stores. I just go to the pile and pick one or try to remember what box that kit was in. I have a kickname for the stash "THE BLACK HOLE" once a kit goes to the stash it's never seen again.
31. January 2014, 13:19
Hey Mike K, I would turn in to " MODEL HOARDERS". Each week the modeler would have to go into His or Her stash and try not to be killed in a avalanche of kits falling on them looking for a kit. On A&E most likely.
31. January 2014, 13:25
Alan Rush, I like your Idea. If I wait that long I could be in my 100's or more but opening a bottle after I finish my Jolly Rogers Project of over 30 plus kits would be a great may to end it. BTW I just started the project. I have the first 3 aircraft started. Check out my project and stay tune.
31. January 2014, 13:35

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