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Fabian D. (nng)



alright, another "what have I done?" project...
The kit isn´t looking too bad, but missing detail which is nowerdays standard (weldseams, structure and all those nice things). A few ejector and sink marks spoil the look aswell. But most of that will be taken care of by the Zimmerit or concrete armor ;)
Tracks are another problem, as the new single links included feature two deep ejector marks, which have to be filled... but I´m thinking of adding "Ostketten" aswell....

Spare Parts used: (so far)
Intakes and light: Dragon Jagdpanzer IV (A)
Fenders: Dragon Pz IV Ausf A
Final drive, spare tracks, rear towing hooks: Trumpeter Bergepanzer IV
Jack: Tamiya

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Albums: 2 with 26 images
On hold
1:35 Sturmgeschütz IV (Italeri 6491)1:35 Panzer III/IV Ostketten (Friulmodel ATL-83)2+


25. June 2014, 15:45
In the first photo, is the muzzle painted to look like an aardvark / anteater?
25. June 2014, 16:18
Alan Rush
Is it a hog's head for the "hog's head" style mantlet? Nice picture.
25. June 2014, 16:41
Fabian D.
The mantlet is called Saukpfblende (pig head mantlet), so I suppose it´s rather a pig than an anteater which not that popular here anyway... mainly because you can find those just in the zoo ;)
25. June 2014, 16:45
Bestimmt! Genauso!
25. June 2014, 16:57
Fabian D.
ouch... modelling without visible progress... with the Spiegelberger: SCM Book: at the ready, checking every suspicious part...
I´m really glad I´m applying Zimmerrit over most critical areas...

25. June 2014, 18:37
Hunter Cummins
Me in :D I really want some fruils lol plus you got all of that pe lol
27. June 2014, 14:38
Fabian D.
Friuls are a really an awful lot of work, but they can be done with some distraction aswell (TV, eg) ;)
done a bit of work on bits and pieces, and started with the Zimmerit... I´m not entirly happy with the result, but it will be easier on the other spots...
28. June 2014, 23:57
Hunter Cummins
Awesome lol. Whats the difference between winterketten and ostketten????
29. June 2014, 00:32
Alan Rush
Fabian, is there any cleanup needed on the Fruil tracks, like sanding off flash or sanding rough edges? Or are they basically ready to go?
29. June 2014, 04:49
Fabian D.
@Hunter: the Ostketten ("East-tracks" ;) are not as wide as the winter ones, but were better for the conditions in the east as the standard tracks.
@Alan: there is some flash present, but cleanup is easy, as the whitemetal is a bit softer than plastic, apart from that you have to drill out the holes to instert the wire... which is "some" work.... ;)

Took care of one of the major faults in the kit, the closed intakes. Problem was solved by stealing spares from an unbuild Dragon Jagdpanzer... and while seaching for the requred parts I nipped some spare fenders aswell (Dragon Panzer IV Ausf A) ;)
29. June 2014, 12:55
Fabian D.
It fellt almost like the fenders were mad for the same tank ;)
Fit was almost perfect and almost all holes could be covered with toolclamps. Quite like the Eduard clamps, petty good looking but beeing just one part, hence easy to assemble...
4. July 2014, 21:31
Hunter Cummins
Looks great
How did you make the weld seam and can you post a l7nk to the eduard tool clamp set so I can have it in my wishlist ??
How did you use the zimm applicator?? Did you drag it a small distamce go up and down then repeat??
5. July 2014, 01:35
Fabian D.
Thx! Clamps were in the PE set linked in the project, I guess they are of the same style in other Eduard sets aswell. Exactly, that´s the way I did the Zimmerit pattern.
Weld seams... mhh, I tries Miliput at first, but couldn.t get them as fine as I liked them, so I went back to the strtched sprue technique I explained to you some time ago, third comment from above: Marder II D | Album by nng (1:35)
5. July 2014, 09:24
Hunter Cummins
Sweet thanks fabian
Will try it out soon
I want to start my hetzer now lol
5. July 2014, 12:45
Fabian D.
little update... little more Zimmerit... ;)
9. July 2014, 10:23
Alberto Bianchi
Hi Fabian,
My compliments for a beautifull StuG, will very fine at end of the job! I look forward to see it painted.
have you used a milliput for zimmerit?
9. July 2014, 11:21
Fabian D.
Thanks Alberto, I'd like to see the kit done aswell. But there is still a lot of Zimmerit and PE left do do...
I'm indeed using milliput, but have used cheaper air clay for creating the base of the concrete blocks, which is drying way faster anyway.
9. July 2014, 14:27
John Van Kooten
Awesome, Fabian! It's taking shape really nicely!
9. July 2014, 15:30
Albi Hitz
Ahhh ... I like it ... especially the Zimmerit on the front hatch .... looks good so far
9. July 2014, 15:45

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