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Fabian D. (nng)


Mini Groupbuild: Neubaufahrzeug (Rheinmetall)

A few mates and I decided to do a little groupbuild here, we all wanted to show non mass-produced variants, prototypes and preproduction vehicles.
I for myself choose the Trumpeter Neubaufahrzeug, the first of 5 produced prototypes for a German pre-war heavy tank. It was (as No.2) made of normal steel, but it?s the only one wich ceept the Reinmetall turret and is also the only one which never saw action.

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1:35 Neubaufahrzeug (Rheinmetall) (Trumpeter 05528)


30. November 2013, 22:17
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Hunter Cummins
I like it :)
30. November 2013, 23:02
Fabian D.
here we go... Dec. 1st in Europe... ;)
30. November 2013, 23:04
Hunter Cummins
Oh yea :) and just seeing those tracks makes me loopy ahaahah and minenwill be started tommmorrow
30. November 2013, 23:13
Fabian D.
Did just a cuick calculation... each sprue holds 10 bolts for the right and 10 for the lift side.... there a seven sprues in a bag... and 4 of those were in the box....which gives in total....a hell of work :O
30. November 2013, 23:26
Wow,there it is....just about 3 weeks until I get mine.
30. November 2013, 23:27
Fabian D.
oh and just forgot... every tracklink has 5 joins wich i have to remove...
30. November 2013, 23:29
That's going to be fun lol
30. November 2013, 23:33
Hunter Cummins
Well fabian you are in formquite the treat :P and id rather have those damn DS tracks then those ;)
30. November 2013, 23:54
Fabian D.
could be worse.. i´ve rationalized the whole process, so i saved some time.... according to the empty sprues I´ve got 30 done... makes 100 to go... to complete one side...
as you should see in the pic, they stay at least workable ;)
1. December 2013, 00:47
Hunter Cummins
Yes :) but way to much for me ;) you are quite a role model for me ;)hahahaha
1. December 2013, 00:53
Hunter Cummins
Did you see the size on mine ahaaha
1. December 2013, 00:53
Fabian D.
Me a role model? Better not... I stay out too long, walk at red signals... ;)
I´ve seen it... mine does also look quite big.... but I´ve got nothing to compare right now...
1. December 2013, 01:12
Hunter Cummins
Yes you a role model ;) and I do the same thing so no worries ;p I would love to see how big it is once ya get the chance :)
1. December 2013, 01:16
Fabian D.
i´ll see what I have here, when I can show more progress on the upper hull...might be in an hour or so
1. December 2013, 01:36
Hunter Cummins
Ok :) ill be checkimg back soon :)
1. December 2013, 01:52
Fabian D.
new pic... right now it´s 20x10x10cm and pretty ugly... that´s why i like it :)
1. December 2013, 02:34
Hunter Cummins
Hahaah wow fabian thats pretty big ;) now I want one but ill probably get the dragon one ahaah
1. December 2013, 03:01
Fabian D.
When i´m not wrong Dragon got just the No.s 3-5 with an other turret....Trumpeter has both variants and turned Barrels ;)
1. December 2013, 03:18
Fabian D.
And the nicer tracks for shure ;)
1. December 2013, 03:26
Hunter Cummins
I would rather keep my sanity than have metal barrels ;)
1. December 2013, 13:18
Fabian D.
Oh, and there is PE included, too ;)
1. December 2013, 13:43
Hunter Cummins
Man your maing me want thay kit ;) thr dragon one has PE to :P
1. December 2013, 13:57
Fabian D.
By the way... don worry about my mental state... better worry about him:;postID=548651#post548651
roughly 4700 parts of PE per side.... :O
1. December 2013, 14:12
Hunter Cummins
Omg how the heck could he need that much damn PE for one side ?!?!?!? :O
1. December 2013, 14:24
1. December 2013, 14:38
Hunter Cummins
Why the heck didnt he just get fruils I mean seriously that ismway to many parts for tracks :O
I would never buy these hahaha way to much work andmthey might break to lol
1. December 2013, 15:03
Fabian D.
He said he likes PE... not shure if he does so ín a few months... ;)
1. December 2013, 15:06
Hunter Cummins
Well if he likes it then good for him :) and yes in a few months he will dislike PE very much
1. December 2013, 15:36
Fabian D.
Phew..first Day is over now... suspension done... 5 boogies with 15 parts each, per side.. after assembling them you should know why this vehicle never left the state of a prototype.
Next Turrets... gonna be a bit fun in between ;)
1. December 2013, 23:19
Hunter Cummins
Hahaa I started mine ;) mines a bit easier on the boggies :P will have pics up soon :) I lovemit so far and your right about that no wonder only some got to see combat ;)
1. December 2013, 23:34
Hunter Cummins
Im loving how its looking :)
1. December 2013, 23:34
Fabian D.
Turrets done, just need to finish tools and tracks...
2. December 2013, 03:56
Fabian D.
Don´t know what´s wrong with my mobile.. cn´t get any clear shots anymore...
2. December 2013, 03:58
Hunter Cummins
Man do those barrels look astounding ;) the shots still look good and your camera is either foggy onvthe inside or its cracked or its something else ;)
2. December 2013, 04:01
Fabian D.
Thanks for solving my problem... just had to clean the lens ;)
2. December 2013, 04:12
Hunter Cummins
Hahaah no problem fabian ;)
2. December 2013, 04:18
Hunter Cummins
That thing looks mean ;)
2. December 2013, 14:07
Fabian D.
started going serious with the tracks... got now thousands of tiny sprue parts all around...
2. December 2013, 20:48
Hunter Cummins
:O thats insane ahah
2. December 2013, 22:24
Fabian D.
tracks cleaned up... right side 75% done... have to think of a nice setting for a small base...
2. December 2013, 23:16
Hunter Cummins
Heywe already talked about a base ;)
2. December 2013, 23:22
Fabian D.
I know... but I just had some initial thoughts.... still wondering how big and high it´s gonna be in the end...
2. December 2013, 23:29
Hunter Cummins
Well you just let me know what ya want to do cause I love dioramas
2. December 2013, 23:30
Fabian D.
as I was almost done after two days I decided to build a little scene... So I stated building a factory yard... I cut the bricks out of cork and glued them on my draft... and as I got tired of gueing bricks I´ve started painting...
8. December 2013, 11:36
8. December 2013, 12:37
Hunter Cummins
Man do those bricks look good ;)
9. December 2013, 12:12
Matthias Weiss
Nice, I always like watching your projects, excelent models!
I'm wondering when Trumpy will bring a Leichttraktor on the market, that's still missing in their series of paper tanks and prototypes. *ooops, guess I'm playing too much WoT...* :)
9. December 2013, 12:30
Fabian D.
Thanks guys ... I'm glad that I'm so bad at online multiplayer games... :D
9. December 2013, 13:43
9. December 2013, 20:03
Fabian D.
have found a picture of the remains of the Neubaufahrzeug which saw action in Norway: [img1]
16. December 2013, 20:41
16. December 2013, 20:43
16. December 2013, 23:56

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