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Gordon Sørensen (twotterdriver)

CAC Boomerang

CAC Boomerang



In progress
1:72 Boomerang (MPC 5008)
CAC CA-13 Boomerang
AU Military Royal Australian Air Force (1921-now)


10 | 17. July 2020, 13:36
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Derek Huggett
Ahhhh...Airfix 1965 at its best(?) - didn't have the prop discs or flashy stand back in those days though. Was probably among my first half-dozen builds ('build' being a literal term at that age! More glue than plastic, and nary a drop of paint to be seen!) Do it justice Gordon! :)
17. July 2020, 13:52
Gordon Sørensen
SCM database shows it a 1968 vintage - same as me!
This is the MPC boxing, and the discs and stand are included in the instructions.
Decals are taped against a window to try to sun-bleach some of the yellowing.
17. July 2020, 14:10
Derek Huggett
The original Airfix release hails from 1965 on the models timeline (after my vintage - yikes!). I expect the parts MPC added were seen as 'cutting edge' at the time, Either way, I wonder if anyone ever thought it might still be around after all these years! Bonne chance mon ami.
17. July 2020, 18:58
Gordon Sørensen
Scratchbuilt some interior detail. I know most won't be seen, but its fun...
Seperated the elevators and rudder. I like to show them deflected.
23. July 2020, 12:42
An old kit for sure.
For many years the Airfix Boomerang was the only kit available.
It's a pity Airfix haven't updated it
23. July 2020, 14:09
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, what an oldtimer. Not so bad for 1960s, it has some interior! :D
23. July 2020, 14:28
Gordon Sørensen
Built up the interior, looks pretty good. Going to add a couple black squares to represent the controls. Printed out an instrument panel, just have to scale-size it properly...
29. July 2020, 20:25
Gary Kitchen
Excuse my ignorance but what are the discs for?
4. August 2020, 17:04
Gordon Sørensen
Finished the interior. Looks great, and nothing will be able to be seen once the canopy is on...
Fuselage together, wings and horizontal stabilizers attached. Going to need a bit of putty on the belly.
@Gary - the discs are suppose to represent the prop spinning. Funny thing is, they aren't the same diameter as the plastic prop.
4. August 2020, 19:16
Andy Ball
wow, this is a "base metal to gold" kinda build...
4. August 2020, 21:42
Are you going to detail the wheel well?
5. August 2020, 01:17
Alec K
Solid nostalgia build! Nice
5. August 2020, 12:34
Tom Beighley
Coming along nicely!
23. September 2020, 15:54
Gordon Sørensen
Made my own mask for the canopy. Usually I paint the canopy first and add after, but there was a bit of a gap between the fuselage and the forward section that needed a bit o' putty.
Started the camoflague, brush paintied with Humbrol Enamels. Have enough in the stash to last me a while. Not sure what I am going to use when they need replacement.
24. September 2020, 16:47
Derek Huggett
Bearers of 'The Hairy Stick' - ten-HUT! Looking good Gordon - acrylics are not so bad once you get practiced at using them, but if your enamel stock is anything like mine, no great worries for a while yet! :)
25. September 2020, 06:49
Gordon Sørensen
Well....crap! The putty I used to fill the gap on the canopy has gone all the way through. Now it is visible inside the cockpit. Other than prying off the canopy I am not sure what else to do... Any suggestion?
But.... I am happy with how the paint turned out. One coat of Klear and it already looks ready for decalling.
1. November 2020, 19:34
That's disappointing.
I have no suggestions
1. November 2020, 20:05
Łukasz Gliński
Hm, not sure the black penetrating glue (like Mr.Cement SP) would go underneath the paint to darken the putty. Wouldn't risk to check it on a varnished kit anyway. I usually mix the putty with black pigment/paint if needed in canopy surroundings.
1. November 2020, 21:01
Alec K
I would say go for it and pop that canopy off.
2. November 2020, 12:02
Gordon Sørensen
Think you are right Alec! Good thing I attach my canopies with Humbrol Clearfix...
4. November 2020, 01:50
Alec K
Looks like it came off nicely
5. November 2020, 00:28
Gordon Sørensen
Canopy re-attached. Think I got a better fit this time too. Now I waiting on some decals ordered from New Zealand.
3. December 2020, 11:53
Gordon Sørensen
2 months and 3 days after ordering (postmark says it was mailed 2 days after I ordered!) finally got my RAAF Roundels. May actually get to finish this!
22. January, 17:10
Alec K
Whoa. Maybe it was mailed via the Antarctic route... :D
23. January, 14:40
I've purchased a lot of stuff on ebay from Canada and it has always taken month's to get to Australia.
One seller I bought a few Westclox pocket watches from always drives to the US to post anything because the shipping from the us is so much faster
23. January, 18:59

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