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Gordon Sørensen (twotterdriver)

Royal Danish Air Force C-47 K-687

Constructed as a C-47A-70-DL by Douglas at Long Beach, California
Construction Number C/N 19200
Built for United States Army Air Force with s/n 42-100737
To Norway August 23rd 1950
To the Royal Danish Air Force October 1956 as 68-687 and then K-687.
To Mobillium, the Danish Air Museum at Billund September 1987.
Now on display at Denmark's Air Museum at Stauning, STA/EKUJ.



1:72 DC-3 Finnair/Ilmavoimat (Revell 4234)1:72 C-47/DC-2/DC-3 (True Details 72021)No EZ Line - Fine (1/72 - 1/48 Scale) (Berkshire Junction )


6 | 16. March 2020, 23:07
Gordon Sørensen
Painted the interior, and then of course, found a picture showing an all-black interior...
Coming together fairly nicely. Plastic is very thin. Just a bit of filler here and there...
Next up is the day-glo panels on the wingtips, nose, and rear fuselage.
2. April 2020, 20:20
Gordon Sørensen
Day-Glo is a @$!# to paint and get a nice even coat..
7. April 2020, 04:13
Erik De Smet
An other Dakota, following
7. April 2020, 11:08
Gordon Sørensen
More or less happy with the day-glo. Now I need to mask that for the green.
One cowling complete. Had the other finished too, until I dropped it on the floor. More putty-sand-repeat...
16. April 2020, 01:37
17. April 2020, 18:15
Gordon Sørensen
Arrgh! Had the rotating beacon (a small clear piece) in my hand trying to clean off the flash and 'ping'. Not even a hint of a sound when or where it landed.
Got the Model Master Dark Green on. Just need a touch up here and there.
24. April 2020, 18:10
Erik De Smet
A bit of clear sprue van easily replace it ...
24. April 2020, 19:01
Gordon Sørensen
Had the same idea Erik, replaced the beacon with some sprue.
Next up - need to mask for the black de-ice boots.
30. April 2020, 17:55
Chris Parsons
Looking good Gordon
30. May 2020, 14:52
Gordon Sørensen
Thanks Chris!
Masked and sprayed the leading edge anti-ice boots with Tamiya TS-29.
Going to use a piece of a Wine Bottle Seal to replicate the oil coolers. Has a nice checkerboard pattern. Should look good with a light wash.
7. June 2020, 19:15
Gordon Sørensen
Looking at reference photos, I just noticed the actual aircraft has eight windows on the right side. Three of them have the yellow emergency exit markings. Luckily, I have two of the RDAF marking sets from the old ESCI Montgomery Dakota boxing.
13. June 2020, 19:50
Gordon Sørensen
Decalling Complete!
Noticed a couple other differences between pics of the real thing and the decal diagram. I think the decals are based on a museum example.
Still have the exhausts, atenna and landing lights to go...
6. July 2020, 17:21
Gordon Sørensen
Added the ADF aerial and mounts using EZ-Line.
Finished with a Semi-Gloss which I am not sure I am happy with. Seems a little more Gloss than Semi...
17. July 2020, 00:28
Chris Parsons
Hey Gord, it looks good, not too gloss I think....and, Tuborg or not Tuborg...that is the question
17. July 2020, 01:41
Łukasz Gliński
Nice one, pity the pics are bit blurry
17. July 2020, 08:06
Gordon Sørensen
Some more "in focus" pictures added
17. July 2020, 13:26
Kelly Wellington
Are those are the Danish insignia I supplied you on that Dakota?
25. August 2020, 16:52
Gordon Sørensen
Yes, Kelly, they are! They worked great and laid down nicely. Had a little silvering on the stripes for the rear day-glo panel, but that is probably down to my me...
26. August 2020, 19:41
Kelly Wellington
I like...I feel I had a part in it. Great presentation.
26. August 2020, 21:57

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