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1:48 C2/C7 (Kinetic K48046)


20. October 2013, 11:29
Heico van der Heide
Looking nice. allthough i would have liked if the difference between the lighter and the darker grey was more noticeable. The wash really looks nice though. What areas in the build did you have most trouble with? I found the fitting of the air intakes a little bad.
20. October 2013, 11:48
Rafael Gonzalez
Very interesting result! Very nice finish, but I agree with Heico's comments.
OOB? Have some pictures of the process? Thanks!
20. October 2013, 12:38
Dale Hutchinson
Thanks, guys....kit was built straight OOB...I had no real issues with the build, but, as you both, I was not liking how the two greys came out. I wanted the darker portion to contrast more. The intakes were a bit of a challenge, but worked out well. I recently purchased the Wingman Models version of this kit that adds a bunch of PE, Resin, and metal parts....and the decals are excellent...I want to do one with the large triangle (gold/black) markings.
20. October 2013, 13:35
Es-haq Khosravi
Very Nice!
20. October 2013, 15:31
Rafael Gonzalez
Dale: It's difficult to contrast well in gray color. Sunlight is a very powerful phenomena over this kind of pattern. I think yours is a very well done result.
Otherwise, I'm personally very sad about your decision to make the Wingman Models set in an old Israeli version, specially when you can find other choices... like the Colombian one, for example ( ;) ):
20. October 2013, 15:51
Dale Hutchinson
LoL....I am vexed by the scheme.....
20. October 2013, 16:01
20. October 2013, 16:11
I like it
20. October 2013, 16:12
Luc B
cool! well done
20. October 2013, 20:29

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