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Sebastijan Videc (InFlames)

Midway 80th anniversary - F4F-4 Wildcat


28 10 April, 09:02
Michael Kohl
Looks like a nice kit - and a nice start from your side.
25 April, 11:44
Alec K
Following 👍
26 April, 18:49
Neil Patrick
Looking nice already!
26 April, 20:50
Sebastijan Videc
Thank you, guys! It is a cool little kit indeed.
27 April, 12:26
nice work for a nice result
12 June, 14:15
Łukasz Gliński
Really nice 👍
21 June, 11:55
John Thomas
Nice work
21 June, 12:47
Tom Menert
Almost done. Impressive. Where did you get the clear stand / support? Do you mind sharing? Thanks!
21 June, 18:29
21 June, 20:48
Sebastijan Videc
Thanks guys! Tom, far from done, still got the complicated landing gear to build, the engine and final weathering. The jig is from Vertigo models.
22 June, 09:11
Tom Menert
Thank you, Sebastijan. Painting looks great though. Arma Hobby kits are great. I am building their Mustang now and it is a pleasure to build. I appreciate the info on the jug. Happy modeling!
22 June, 14:51
Tom Menert
jig - sorry
22 June, 14:52
Peter de Bruin
22 June, 17:34


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