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Alex G.
Alexander Grivonev (Alex G.)

1:72 - Cuban MiG-15

Eduard Kit

Cuban markings, OOB build



1:72 MiG-15bis (Eduard 7056)


29. June 2020, 12:44
Alec K
Very nice work on the Mig
29. June 2020, 23:29
Alexander Grivonev
Hey Alec thx. It is not one of my favourites though. Wasnt
happy with the NM finish in hindsight....too dull to my liking. Anyway glad you liked it!
29. June 2020, 23:42
Andy Ball
Cuban Faggot, el Presidenté would approve!, super work!
30. June 2020, 06:49
Alexander Grivonev
I think it's "Fagot" with one "g".....but yeah :D :D
30. June 2020, 07:17
Alexander Grivonev
or do you mean El Presidente himself? :D
30. June 2020, 07:18
30. June 2020, 07:41
Łukasz Gliński
I like such unique well done topics
30. June 2020, 08:17
Alexander Grivonev
I actually built this one at the time when Castro died a couple of years ago and decided to dedicate my plastic monument to El Presidente :D
30. June 2020, 09:02
Andy Ball
I was in Cuba last year - only managed to see some old Cubana hulks at the airport, not a smidge of a MiG or Mil....a country full of contrasts and contradictions.
30. June 2020, 09:13
Alec K
Cuba sure is a unique place to visit. Strange mixture of new and old. I visited their museum of the revolution in Havana. Very interesting! No MiGs though.

Alex, I think your finish is spot on. I don't thing too many MiGs very very shiny.
30. June 2020, 14:26
Alexander Grivonev
I don't think Cuba will present their whole airforce glory on a civil airport, what is a bummer they have some rather nice blue and green camo schemes. Trying to lay my hands on one of these:

Cuban Raiders II (Aztec Models 72-049, 1:72)

1:72 Cuban Raiders II (Aztec Models 72-049)
30. June 2020, 15:21
Clean finish and colors, good presentation!
30. June 2020, 18:47

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