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Ueli Hebeisen (uhebeisen)

Kaman K-Max, Rotex AG

Finished model of a K-Max operated by Rotex AG (a Swiss Heli-Operator). The kit is from Attack Squadron.


2 | 20. July 2015, 08:28
uncle chop chop
I have never seen one like this, i take it the twin rotor heads counter act the tail rotor?
20. July 2015, 11:26
Günther Debiscop
Nice one. Which kit?
20. July 2015, 11:32
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Very nice one, great job !
20. July 2015, 11:43
Ueli Hebeisen
Indeed the two rotors spinning in the opposite direction eliminate the tail rotor. This system is called a Flettner system and was invented by the German Anton Flettner during WWII. This system was then adapted by the Kaman company later.
The kit is from Attack Squadron, a Polish company. It is a resin kit with PE parts: high quality but not so easy to build.
The Kaman K-Max is one of the few - if not the only - helicopter that can lift more than its own weight.
And yes: in operation the rotors are offset 90° but for service they can be disengaged to any position. Having them parallel allows for storing in a narrow display case 😉
20. July 2015, 12:35
Gareth Windsor
An interesting build and you've done a nice job too. I was aware of the Flettner system but didn't know that there was a modern helicopter utilising it.
20. July 2015, 14:48
Very good job on a very interesting subject
20. July 2015, 16:28
Mike Grant
Love it 🙂 Do these markings come with the kit?
21. July 2015, 00:17
Ulf Petersen
Very interesting model, Ueli. Great build!👍
21. July 2015, 04:57
Ueli Hebeisen
@Mike: no, these decals are custom made (Alps printer). I had the chance to visit Rotex AG and take photos of the HB-ZGK and Rotex gave me the permission to use their logo. There are two K-Max operated by Rotex, the HB-ZGK has the warnings at the rotorhead in englisch whereas the HB-ZIH has them in German.
21. July 2015, 06:18
Very nicely done! I have always been an admirer of Kaman's inter-meshing rotor helicopters. You have captured the K-Max very well. Terrific work and photos.
16. October 2017, 18:03
Ueli Hebeisen
Attack Squadron the polish company had done a reissue of this kit, this time the added decals for 4 civil versions. Among them is the K-Max that I have built.
And more news from ROTEX the Swiss K-Max operator: they are adding a third K-Max HB-ZTW to their helicopter fleet.
17. October 2017, 04:33
Łukasz Gliński
Ahhh, lovely Liechtensteiner K-Max, how come I missed it for so long? Fantastic! What's the fit of the parts?
6. February, 20:32
Donald Dickson II
I did not know anyone did a kit of this! Thats awesome!

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