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Gertjan Zwart (GeejeeZ)



Gertjan Zwart
Whoa, this is awesome news! I built two of the Whirlybird early S-61 conversion kits and I am so glad that there will at last be an injection kit of this magnificent helo!!!
15. February, 12:06
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15. February, 12:03

February 7, 2021

Gertjan Zwart
Can't wait for this one! Aviation Megastore has got this release listed for the end of april!!
22. March 2013, 15:15
Alain Courouge
It will be my next UAV kit !!
25. March 2013, 09:30
Gertjan Zwart
I think I'll just paint it in a shiny civil livery and put a pilot in it though!
25. March 2013, 10:42
Martin Winter
It's very hard to find. I got mine from Kitlinx in the US, even though it's a Polish kit (I believe). However, I also heard it will be re-issued soon.
6. February, 11:49
Alain Courouge
This kit just has been reissued by brengun.
6. February, 21:20
Martin Winter
Great news, thanks!
7. February, 15:59

September 3, 2020

Gertjan Zwart
Huh...??? S-92? As in... S-92 helicopter? Afaik there is no S-92 kit..? I can't find info on other "S-92" types (fixed wings f.i.). Anyone can shed some light on this?
26. February 2014, 22:03
Gertjan, We are all still waiting! Perhaps, now that HMX-1 is scheduled to receive some for the US Presidential list mission, a kit will be produced. Maybe Italeri or Revell, GMBH? Considering the multitude of coast guard / rescue & civil operators, I am surprised it hasn't been released yet. Fingers crossed! K/r, Dutch
3. September 2020, 11:44
Germans use Czechoslovakian arms industry for their own use after taking the county. they built a factory for their Me-262. And after the war, the Czech use the factory and the parts to build Me-262 for their own air force. They called them Avia S-92 and CS-92 (Double seat trainer)
you can check the history of the Me-262 for example at
the name of the accessory you are posting, has Me-262 in the name.
3. September 2020, 15:56

June 11, 2020

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11. June 2020, 20:44

May 27, 2020

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27. May 2020, 21:26
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27. May 2020, 21:23
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27. May 2020, 21:22
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27. May 2020, 21:21
Gertjan Zwart
Man, have I been hoping for this one for years. Thank you DF Helostuff!!
27. May 2020, 21:19
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27. May 2020, 21:16

May 23, 2020

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23. May 2020, 11:17

May 16, 2020

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17. February 2020, 09:28
Ik heb deze liggen Gertjan (en hij mag weg..).

Groeten Ronald
15. May 2020, 10:50
Gertjan Zwart
Hoi Ronald, dank voor je bericht. Hij staat op m'n lijst inderdaad, maar ik hik behoorlijk aan tegen de Whirlybird prijs. Wat wil jij ervoor hebben?
Met vriendelijke groet, Gertjan
16. May 2020, 18:08


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