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Stefan Schneider (Steel-Lynx)

MiG-21 F-13 Fishbed IrAF


3 | 5. May 2016, 14:20
Dave Flitton
Ok, I'll watch
5. May 2016, 16:30
Stefan Schneider
Slow progress but at least the cockpit is ready now.
3. July 2016, 13:27
I'm in too.
3. July 2016, 19:45
Dave Flitton
Nice cockpit. Well done
4. July 2016, 13:58
Stefan Schneider
Waiting for a replacement canopy. I ruined the original one while seperating it from the sprue 🙁
3. October 2016, 12:27
Stefan Schneider
Main assembly done. First coat of primer applied.
31. May 2017, 15:21
Aris aka Amen
Hi, again. Nice subject and aftermarket. Is this metal cone very expensive ? I have the resign one but i ruined it, they are very fragile! This metal cone must make a difference.
20. June 2017, 23:11
Stefan Schneider
Hi, the set was about 10 Euro but as far as I know it is sold out.
21. June 2017, 06:33
Aris aka Amen
Thanks stefan, it was expensive anyway. I will try the pavla cone, i had the quickboost which is coming in two parts making more fragile to build.
21. June 2017, 16:50
Patrick Hagelstein
Rise of the Revell Fishbeds! 🙂
21. June 2017, 17:43
Stefan Schneider
And back to work with this project too.
27. November 2020, 19:49
Pierre Vauthier
following, cockpit looks nice
27. November 2020, 20:48
Aris aka Amen
Wings need a little more effort Stefan, otherwise all good!
27. November 2020, 23:04
Stefan Schneider
The sink marks are a known issue on this kit unfortunately. Honestly speaking I dont want to spent the time on filling, sanding and rescribing the panel lines and other details. I hope they are not that evident on the finished model later on.
28. November 2020, 13:10
Well done so far. Following.
29. November 2020, 18:14


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1:72 Mig-21F-13 Fishbed C (Revell 04346)1:72 MiG-21 F-13 (Fishbed C) - Pitot Tube (Master AM-72-045)1:72 Wheel and well for MiG-21F, F-13 (Pavla Models U72-14)6+
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13 Fishbed-C
IQ Military القوات الجوية العراقية (Iraqi Air Force 1958-now)

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