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Stefan Schneider (Steel-Lynx)

SCM Groupbuild - Matchbox Nostalgia

My first groupbuild. I choose the Revell rebox of the Matchbox Gladiator and will add some aftermarket stuff especially for the cockpit area.


10 30 November 2013, 12:53
Es-haq Khosravi
I'm in!
30 November 2013, 16:16
Stefan Schneider
Started the project with cleaning all the parts. Additionally I fitted the new machine guns.
4 January 2014, 15:59
Gordon Sørensen
I started his model a while ago, but stalled because I am unsure about how to do the rigging. The replacement guns look great. Will the engine fit in the cowling?
4 January 2014, 16:45
Petri Manninen
Looks to be a great start. I'm following this one!
5 January 2014, 05:44
Bruce Leyland-Jones
Fine lycra thread for rigging...it's the easiest way to go.
here's a link to a How To...
Youtube Video


Whilst the Heller Gladiator has now been bettered by the new Airfix tooling, the old Matchbox is still an excellent kit and is the cheapest, by a long shot and is readily available. This means that you can buy lots of them, for all of those interesting schemes.
8 January 2014, 20:46
Es-haq Khosravi
Interesting tail paint job!
8 January 2014, 21:40
Stefan Schneider
Thank you for providing the link Bruce. The rigging will be a challenge for me but it is a good opportunity to practise.
9 January 2014, 08:41
Gabor Szabo
I see You're quite serious wit this kit! Nice sortiment.
1 February 2014, 21:00
Gordon Sørensen
Wow! Fantastic cockpit detail!
1 February 2014, 21:12
Ricardo Martins
Outstanding cockpit 🙂 Following 🙂
1 February 2014, 23:12
Stefan Schneider
Thx guys! It is not an accurate representation of the real cockpit but it is better than the empty space provided by the Matchbox kit. As there is no detail set for the Matchbox kit I bashed three PE sets to get the parts together.
1 February 2014, 23:25
Hi Stefan: I have also the same kit but looking at yours, really want to build it, you are doing a craftsmanship masterpiece with this one, and as soon I can will watch the rigging class you have added here. thank you very much for sharing!!!
27 March 2014, 20:35
Stefan Schneider
Started the rigging using transparent nylon filament with a diameter of 0.15mm. So far it works very well but consumes a lot of time.
13 July 2014, 18:16
Stefan Schneider
Ok. For several reasons I switched to miniature painting and building tabletop models for a few years but I am still shocked that I abandoned this project for over 6 years!
However, after moving to a new apartment, getting a new man cave and getting my mojo back again I resumed to work on the gladiator. First task will be to match the resin motor to the cowling.
25 November 2020, 21:15
Nice to know it... Go ahead and enjoy the job. Don't forget to show your advances!!!
2 April 2021, 10:00
Is wonderful to know you are back with this project, keep on Stefan, and don't forget to show your advances!!! Cheers!!!
2 April 2021, 10:03
Stefan Schneider
@Luis: Thank you very much for your motivational words!

Meanwhile I fitted the engine to the cowling with lots of sanding. Lower wings are attached and cockpit is closed. I am soon starting the paintjob. New pics will follow soon.
9 April 2021, 19:50
9 April 2021, 20:49
10 April 2021, 11:01
Stefan Schneider
Wings joined. Now lets finish the rigging and hopefully the whole project.....🙂
4 March 2022, 20:54
Nice progress.
5 March 2022, 18:19


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