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Restomod Porsche 911 Turbo 1/8


17. January 2017, 15:26
Alexander Grivonev
WOW, where did you dig out this monster? Never realized there was a 1:8 plastic kit of a Porsche 911 (besides The Pocher one)
17. January 2017, 16:17
Creative Explorer
Jup, I knew about it, but they are quite rare. I think more rare than Pochers. If you look in the last couple of pictures; those were pictures I found on a dutch online marketplace and came with no info. Because I know something about big-scale I could identify the E-type, BMW and Datsun and that told me that the Porsche had to be a 1/8 Eidai Grip Porsche 911 RSR Turbo.
I got the box for still a fair decent amount of money, but sold a lot of the other big-scales and ended up getting this one for free (as profit).
17. January 2017, 19:43
Well done on that deal. I really like it when you buy a pile of stuff and sell everything you don't want and get what you do for free. Even better when you make a bit of profit too
17. January 2017, 20:26
Creative Explorer
It is not my usual way of getting stuff, but I discovered the Porsche and had to have it. Selling some of the other stuff that I had no interest in (I basically do not build rebuilds) minimized the collatoral.
18. January 2017, 07:21
Creative Explorer
And getting this rare Porsche cheap, means that I can do with it what I want to. It would've hurt a lot more if I cut up a new one, costing more than 1000 euro's.
18. January 2017, 07:22


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