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Kyle DeHart (kyledehart5)

Quintessential 80s Supra

Built as I would’ve as a kid. Or as of a kid in the 80s owned it.


14 18 January, 10:24
Kyle DeHart
Didn't think about doing WIP photos on this. Would you believe this is the first Japanese passenger car I've built? And it wasn't a Tamiya, aoshima, or Fujimi kit. Lol. Love these 80s Toyotas. This was a nice kit. Solid detail, solid fit. No real complaints from this offering from Round 2.
18 January, 10:32
Christian W
So cool to see this rare kit built 🙂
18 January, 21:26
Bob Hall
I was surprised to see Round 2 rerelease this kit, it was ugly spud, and those funky 80's color combos. Great job though !
18 January, 21:56
Kyle DeHart
Thanks Christian! Really an enjoyable build, although with the re-release I don't think we can consider it rare anymore. I was happy they re-released it though.

Bob, thank you and that's the part I love!! 80s nostalgia at its best. I just couldn't bring myself to use the louvres. 😂 Not a bad old kit.
18 January, 22:57
Bob Hall
Oh, I'm all about the 80's ! But if I close my eyes ………… I could see ya out in the new bat cave, in your members only jacket, with a a "Flock of Seagulls" haircut jamming out to Gary Newman's one hit wonder "Cars" ! Yeah, I could buy that ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Youtube Video

19 January, 00:19
Kyle DeHart
🤣🤣🤣🤣 You're killing me Bob. I'd totally be rocking out to this in my 82 Supra.
19 January, 00:43
Bob, are you sure that you're not British???
Thank the Lord, for Def Leppard and Whitesnake! You boys were just playing around 😉
19 January, 04:26
It's interesting, what year does this represent? I looked at the Supra history on wikipedia and the first year I recall seeing was 1983. This one looks like a mash of a Supra and a Monza to me. If it was an '80, it was the last year to listen to Pleasure Principle on 8 track. Hope the track break didn't happen in the middle of Cars!

19 January, 04:56
Christian W
The first Supra was called "Celica Supra" and was built from 1978 to 1981. This body shape was introduced in 1981 and was built until the 3rd Generation took over in 1986 (my personell favorite). Maybe the Celica Supra wasn't available in all countries. In Germany it had a slightly different front end (larger grille) in comparisson to the Celica. I can't remember having seen one ever. The Celica was much more common to see those days.
19 January, 05:42
Yeah, that's what i'm wondering: what year model they started selling in the U.S..
19 January, 05:44
Christian W
To follow wikipedia, it was introduced in the US for the model year 1979 (gen 1) and named "Celica XX".
19 January, 05:51
Bob Hall
Youtube Video

19 January, 06:04
Christian W
Wohoo! Donut Media - like them 😄
19 January, 11:01
Kyle DeHart
I think this is supposed to be the first of the 2nd generation Celica Supra. 82ish. Anyways, that's mostly what it looks like to me.
19 January, 13:10
Kyle DeHart
Good information in here too. I think I've only ever seen one Celica Supra in person living here in the Hoosier state. Plenty of the similar looking Celica.
19 January, 13:42
Christian W
This is what I like on this page too: you'll getting a lot of 'nearby' information.

I can't remember, when I saw such a car. I only got the first generation as Celica offered to buy in pretty good condition.
19 January, 17:13
Bob Hall
Now to round it out to be complete is, WHERE'S THE BEEF ? Bumper sticker, a BABY ON BOARD placard and a suction cup Garfield on the back windshield !
19 January, 22:42
Kyle DeHart
20 January, 00:25


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1:25 Toyota Supra (MPC MPC891/12)

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