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Kyle DeHart (kyledehart5)

1989 Pancho Carter Hardee’s Ghostbusters 2 Lola T89


3 5 April 2022, 22:24
Villiers de Vos
Very nice.
6 April 2022, 04:15
Lochsa River
Nice ride!
6 April 2022, 04:52
Kyle DeHart
Thank you both! I think these old Indycar kits are a lot of fun to build
6 April 2022, 05:28

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Pretty simple build up of the old AMT T8900. Using Indycals decals. Built curbside. The Chevy engine is in the back which is the wrong engine, so I just sealed it off. Made some qualifying aero wheel covers out of some spare material and that was about it!

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1:25 Lola T-8900 (AMT/ERTL 6888)

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