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Bobby Thumbs (The Butcher)

2022 - The Leftovers

"What the others saw from across the river" or "Somewhere in Italy"

With the leftover German paras I had another go at a green dio. Bought some mig flowers previously so I had a shot at making flowers. Turned out Ok


9 13 June, 12:50
Simon Nagorsnik
You say it's ok but i think it turned out very well!
You,ve done a good job on the vegitation.
But i'm not sure but the linked project says it's done but it look like there will follow something more...😄
6 July, 03:56
Bobby Thumbs
thank you for your kind words - the flowers came out OK but real messy to make, there were different coloured flowers in the packet but after doing the yellow ones I was over it. Maybe I will have another go at flowers down the road somewhere (or just make life easier by getting those ready made strips of flowers).

LOL theres nothing to follow bro I'm done.

I just got this


from aliexpress last week so am planning to do something there

6 July, 08:42
Simon Nagorsnik
Oho, looks exciting mate, i'm waiting for a nother beauty from your workbench😁
6 July, 18:16


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German Paratroopers
3R Wehrmacht Heer (German Army 1935-1945)

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