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Holger Kranich (Booze)

2 Tonner KrKw


I´d like to replicate a vehicle, i often used. The KrKw "Y 591-640".

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Project: 2 Tonner KrKw
1:35 Unimog U1300L Ambulance (MR Models MR-35051)1:35 LKW 2t. tmil gl (Unimog) (Revell 03082)1:35 Bundeswehr Sanka Kreuze (TL-Modellbau 2597)2+


25. May 2015, 10:16
Frank Krause
Da "munstert" doch was...😉 😄
Gut heimgekommen?
25. May 2015, 10:17
Holger Kranich
Tach! Bin 10 Minuten vor Abfahrt angekommen und bin immer noch Hundemüde aber sonst ist alles TOP! Hab mir auch gerade den 2 Tonner gekauft!😄
25. May 2015, 10:27
Holger Kranich
Hi Mikey, i´m looking forward to put it on my bench, this evening! Before i became a paratrooper, i had such a vehicle! So i remember many storys with this car...😢
25. May 2015, 11:10
Roland Roth
Das verspricht gut zu werden, Holger! 😄
25. May 2015, 11:14
Holger Kranich
I hope so, Roland!😄 But i was hoping that the basic kit would have been better...
25. May 2015, 11:32
Holger Kranich
That sounds great, Mike! One useful hint- try to get some resin tyres, the rubber ones are not so good...
25. May 2015, 11:46
Christian Lehmann
Hast du den gefahren oder hast du hinten drin gelegen? 😄
25. May 2015, 12:45
Holger Kranich
Just began with the chassis... Phucking worse Revell basic... Flash without end... This will become a battle!😄

Christian, i wasnt the driver but i often had a ride with it as "Luftraumbeobachter". And on some exercises i lived in it for two weeks! That was very cool!

In winter when we where on exercise with the recruits, i often opened the cabindoor and yelled to the freezing recruits: "Can someone hold my Coke? Its getting warm here inside...😉
25. May 2015, 14:17
Choppa Nutta
you really are a phucka aint ya Holly😉
as far the battle of flash, I can smell victory looming 😄
25. May 2015, 14:21
Holger Kranich
Yes Choppy, sometimes i was an mother**cking *sshole with a bad Karma!😄
And for the flash, i will not surrender!!!
25. May 2015, 15:02
Choppa Nutta
South Park wrote a song specially for you ! can you guess which one it is ? haha 😄
25. May 2015, 15:13
Holger Kranich
G´Day Mike. My cab is twisted and partly broken. Nothing i cant fix but ist annoying!
Even the rest of the kit is one of the most bad mould i have seen in my "career"... And i dont want to exagerrate but really every second part dont fit...
26. May 2015, 06:39
Holger Kranich
Yeah Choppy, ya know me!😢
26. May 2015, 06:39
Torben H.
I'm in. Remember the smell of "Lysoform d"? Kills everything but the soldier, ha ha!
26. May 2015, 07:11
Choppa Nutta
"but I'll still give it a crack" ... or a crevis, chasm, canyon ......... and lots of putty !! 😄
26. May 2015, 11:15
Holger Kranich
Welcome Torben!
Mike, i hope you have a kit that has seen younger molds! Then you could be lucky!
Choppy, ist the many handlebars that dont fit. Holes and bolts are not molded etc. I am lucky when i can use putty!LOL!
26. May 2015, 11:23
Choppa Nutta
unlucky Holger !!
Perhaps they pulled your one out the mold too quick.
I have two ICM 1/48 Spitfires, same kit, one is good the other really quite shoddy like it has been sat next to the fire for tool long...... luckily I have enough spares to get around it but yeah, I can empathise with you on this one, annoying isn't it, not end of the world annoying but more "I wish people wouldn't shout into their phone on the bus" kind of annoying.... 🙂
26. May 2015, 12:09
Holger Kranich
Choppy, you absolutely nailed it!
26. May 2015, 13:37
Choppa Nutta
I know, I have a gift for the bleeding obvious 😄
but you're right, it is a hurdle we could do without but then adversity improves ones skill sets😉
26. May 2015, 13:42