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Roland Sachsenhofer (Roland)


P-39 Dual Combo/ Profikit, Eduard

the last two weeks I have been trying my skills on three variants of Eduards great P-39 Airacobra. Two are from the RAF/ Udssr "dual combo" kit, the third is a P-39Q "Profiback", targeting on a pacific Airacobra.

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29. December 2012, 20:34
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Roland Sachsenhofer
On this article I would like to concentrate on the Profipack kit. As with the two other, this P-39 is assembled, filled, sanded and ready to get a thorough priming with Gunzes "interior green".
The kits worked very well; all in all they were quick builds till now.
I am looking forward to get some colour on the surfaces...

I wish you a happy New Year!
29. December 2012, 20:45
Steffen Tittmann
Hi Roland,
habe auch schon 3 P-39 von Eduard gebaut.
Ich finde den Bausatz Spitze, eine liegt hier noch rum bei mir.
Baust Du eine russ. Variante auch daraus?
29. December 2012, 21:28
Dirk Heyer
Hi Roland,
I`ve already seen your Airacobra on JAM!
You are so fast, I`m speechless!
Looking forward your "3" Cobra projects and I`m sure you`ll get fine results and kick mine! :) :)
I`m lil bit jealous about your endurance and your fast production line! Wow!!
29. December 2012, 21:51
Philip De Keyser
I'm tuned Roland, 3 of a kind, and they say that I'm fast!!!!!
I wish you to a happy new year!
Greetz Phil ;)
29. December 2012, 22:02
Jan Goormans
Roland , 3 at once and with that quality , impressive
you should show us some pictures of your workbench,
no better word is production line :)
30. December 2012, 09:45
stefan natus
Great work roland,3 at once.I build maybe 3 airplanes a year :(
30. December 2012, 12:03
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello all,
the P-39 Triplett seems to enjoy great popularity, which makes me glad!
indeed Steffen, I am going to finish one out of the "combo" pack as a all-over silver "P-400", flown by the Soviets from bases near Murmansk. I will get you a scan from Eduards painting instructions.
By now I have primed all three with Gunzes interior green, next step will be a coat of Alclads "White Aluminum"- the last operation in common for all Cobras.
Any kind of "speed buildung" is definitly not my intention, but these Airacobras have been intended as straightforward and uncomplicated builds. What should I say... it just works! :o)
Thank you all for the friendly acceptance of these connected projects
30. December 2012, 18:47
Roland Sachsenhofer
I have put quite a lot of new pictures in this gallery. As an excuse: they are showing the growth of all three Airacobras and you can see two major painting steps. At first, I have prepared the surfaces for Alclad with Gunze "Interior Green", second I sprayed "White Aluminum" as an preparation for the different colour shades.
By now the RAF version got its "sky" coloured marking, the US P-39 displays wing leading edges in white and on the Soviet Cobra I have done some minor parts in green. I will show you this next time.
Have a good start into 2013!
2. January 2013, 17:55
Roland Sachsenhofer
here are some new pictures to my Soviet-used Airacobra. Decals have been set on a high gloss surface, which further enhanced the glossy shine of Alclad Aluminum. After that I applied a washing of red-brown pastell and the first gentle signs of dirt.
The prominent numbers on the fuselage make this Aiarcobra to a sort of racing plane in my eyes- something that fits to the sleek lines of the P-39!
25. January 2013, 20:33
Michel Huijghe
Like the white 95 alot! Great camo! :)
25. January 2013, 20:58
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hi Michel, oh yeah- it´s quite appealing. I couldn´t resist seeing when I saw this camo scheme!
The main painting matters have been finished by now, the second clear gloss paint is covering the surfaces and the decals. On some areas I will apply flat clear- like on the exhaust stains.
26. January 2013, 19:53
Frank Krause
A P-39 race with Dirk? Looking good, Roland!
26. January 2013, 19:55
Roland Sachsenhofer
Ah! Just saw and adored Dirks P-39... No, Frank, I am sorry, there will be no race :o) What a masterly modeller he is!
27. January 2013, 08:29
Dirk Heyer
Hi Roland,
pls don`t push me so extremely! :) :)
Otherwise the expectations of all mates here are soo high for me that I have to change my name and my identity!! :D :D
To say: "Don`t hurry.." is carrying water to the river! :) I`m sure, your result will be amazing as usual in triple viewing.... :) :)
27. January 2013, 13:39
Holger Kranich
Roland, the "Triple King" ! ;)
27. January 2013, 13:50
Dirk Heyer
:) aka TriKi
27. January 2013, 13:59
Holger Kranich
And so we have a new nickname ;)!
27. January 2013, 14:25
Steffen Tittmann
Hi Roland,
schaut gut aus. Ich sitze gerade an der CAC CA-13 Boomerang und quäle mich weil nichts paßt.
27. January 2013, 18:17
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Looks very good until now.
27. January 2013, 18:57
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello, thank you for all your friendly comments!
The doors have to be attached and the fuselage attached gun sight will have to be made- I guess I will use stretched sprue for this filigran part- but besides that my Murmansk stationed P-400 has been finished.

Steffen, da baust Du was interessantes, würde mich ebenfalls reizen!
Mit der P-39 Q geht´s hier weiter... :o)
1. February 2013, 19:54
Steffen Tittmann
@ Roland,
dann aber vorher genug Spachtelmasse und Schliefpapier besorgen. ;)
1. February 2013, 20:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hi guys, here some pictures of the finished P-400.
Hab´s gesehen Steffen... was für ein Aufwand! Bin weiter sehr auf die "Boomerang" gespannt- Du wirst was Sehenswertes bauen!
3. February 2013, 21:25
Christian Lehmann
Very nice result
3. February 2013, 21:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Christian!
4. February 2013, 15:08
Dirk Heyer
Pretty nice colour scheme!
Your Cobra looks like a little bit like a reno racer! Great stuff!
Fine paint job!
4. February 2013, 16:43
Luc B
excellent work!
4. February 2013, 17:51
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you both for your encouraging words! Oh yes, your association fits- I could not resist on seeing this camo in Eduards kit.
5. February 2013, 17:21
Aghis Barberopoulos
After the Arado duo, the airacobra trio! What's next Roland ?
Needless to say it is going very well so far...
5. February 2013, 17:34
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Aghis, next to come is a "dublette" :o) Call it a tribute to Hawker: I am going to build two Tempests -Eduard, 1:48- and two of Italeris new Hurricanes... Thanks for the comment!
I would like to show you the recent status of the two other P-39 projects. What you can see is a RAF Airacobra with all the decals fixed, glistering with clear gloss paint and a ?Q?, pictured just after receiving the final coat of clear flat. Both models look slightly dusty on the pictures, but I hope that´s only temporary? the next polishing will remove this.

Applying the thin brown line of the original camo-colour that runs along the gray and green colour etch was quite a demanding work. The final way was to mask the brown colour with masking solution applied with a fine brush. Then the green and the gray has been sprayed, after removing the masking a small thin line of brown separates the two other colours?.

I hope to finish this two P-39s within the next week.
Hello guys,
here are
10. February 2013, 13:38
Roland Sachsenhofer
"Q" has left my workbench at last, I have put some final pictures in. Thanks for commenting that one!
18. February 2013, 13:38
Steffen Tittmann
@ Roland,
sieht schön "abgeflogen" aus. Respekt.
18. February 2013, 14:08
Philip De Keyser
Hi Roland, I love these P 39, they are looking awesome
Congrats with the results!!
I'm looking forward to the dublette, Hawker! can't wait to see the first pictures of your new project ;)
Greetz Phil
18. February 2013, 16:58
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Hi Roland
Great used look.I like pic 49 very much.Looks very cool.
18. February 2013, 18:34
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hi, your words make me glad, thank you for that!
The new pictures with the Airacobra in RAF colours finish my P-39 "trilogy". Summing up, that was quite a convenient experience!
Philip, the Hawks, alonside with a Sopwith Triplane in 1/32, have been started... :o)
19. February 2013, 12:33
Philip De Keyser
Looking forward to it Roland ;)
19. February 2013, 13:15

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