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Navy Bird
Bill Gilman (Navy Bird)

Vought F-8J Crusader

Timeline:Started on March 1, 2015, Finished on April 11, 2015

Nothing too fancy here, I'll add the resin cockpit and drop the slats and flaps for the raised wing. For the markings, I'll use the VF-302 "Stallions" markings from NAS Miramar in 1972. This is available on a decal sheet from Xtradecal.

Project inventory

Full kits
1:72 F-8J Crusader (Academy 12412)
F-8J Crusader "U.S. Navy" [Limited Edition]
Academy 1:72
12412 2007 | Changed parts
Detail and Conversion sets
1:72 Ejection Seat (Quickboost QB 72 406)
F-8 Crusader
Ejection Seat with safety belts
Quickboost 1:72
QB 72 406 2013 | New tool
1:72 F-8E/H/J Crusader (Xtradecal X72-160)
F-8E/H/J Crusader VC-13, VFP-63, VF-24, VF-211, VF-302, NAS China Lake
Xtradecal 1:72
X72-160 200x | New tool


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Menacing, yet sleek. What's not to like about the F-8?


29. January 2013, 17:34
Dave Flitton
I will be watching this one. Have the kit but not the cockpit set. Love Bicentennial stuff
29. January 2013, 18:02
Bill Gilman
Beautiful kit - when I bought it and started to fondle the sprues, I immediately grabbed my old Revell F-8 (the Kangnam kit I think) and tossed it right in the trash! Technically, the Aires cockpit is for an F-8E, and I'm modelling the F-8J. But I won't tell anybody if you won't. 🙂
29. January 2013, 18:10
Philip De Keyser
Hi Bill, I think it's one of the best kit on the market in this scale, I have the F8 P French navy in my stash with the updates, I will following this one and taking it as a leadgide when I started mine😉
29. January 2013, 18:18
Bill Gilman
I had a major "oops" moment last night. I had finished the detail painting of the cockpit and sidewalls, and I applied several coats of Future in preparation for the wash. I used my normal wash made from artist's acrylics, but I wasn't able to remove any of the excess when it was dry. 🙁
Normally, for a cockpit I used use a cotton swab to remove the excess, but it was on there for good. My only guess is that the Future wasn't completely dry, and it and the wash mixed together somehow. Anyway, tonight we'll paint the pit all grey again and start over! I think I'll use a lacquer based gloss, like Alclad or Floquil. 🙂
31. January 2013, 18:20