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Airfix Model World 128

Airfix Model World


Airfix Model World
128 | July 2021

Table of contents

Editorial | Page 3
Welcome to Issue 128

by Chris Clifford

Review, 1:72  | Page 6
Exclusive Preview

Mossie Sneak Peak

News | Page 7

Latest Updates

Review | Page 10

Cannon-toting Twin

News | Page 12
Show Scene

At-a-glance model show calendar

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 16
Perfect Predator

by Jay Blakemore
Jay Blakemore discovers that you don’t have to go on safari to experience big cats at close hand, especially with AMK`s stunning 1/48 F-14D Super Tomcat

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 24
Lightning Strikes With Accuracy

by David Holmes
David Holmes builds Italeri`s detailed new-tooled 1/72 F-35B Lightning II, representing an aircraft from the Royal Navy`s Lightning Force aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 32
Soviet Menace

by Joe Turner
Joe Turner upgrades TAKOM`s T-55AM with a wealth of aftermarket accessories
1:35 T-55 AM (Takom 2041)
T-55 AM Russian Medium Tank
Takom 1:35
2041 2016 | New tool

Tips & Tricks | Page 40
The Next Step

by Jay Blakemore
Airbrushing Part 7

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 44
Catalina Conspiracy

by Kev Baxter
Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the sinking of the Bismarck, Kev Baxter builds Academy`s PBY-5 as the Catalina Mk.I responsible for re-sighting this formidable threat to Allied Atlantic convoys

Reference | Page 52
In Focus

by Malcolm V Lowe
Hunting The Bismarck

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 58
Miniature Messerschmitt Masterpiece

by Mike Williams
What can a newly-tooled depiction of a classic and popular type bring to a market full of competitors` takes on the subject. Mike Williams finds out with Special Hobby`s brand-new 1/72 Bf 109E-4

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 64
Balkans Scourge!

by Huw Morgan
Airfix`s excellent 1/72 Stuka makes a welcome return, with the Balkan theatre version built by Huw Morgan
1:72 Ju 87B-2/R2 (Eduard 73633)
Ju 87B-2/R2 Airfix
Eduard 1:72
73633 2018 | Changed box
1:72 Ju 87B-1 (Eduard CX436)
Ju 87B-1 Airfix
Eduard 1:72
CX436 2016 | New tool

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 72
On The Case

by Steve Budd
Airfix has re-boxed Thunder Models`1/35 US Military Tractor, and Steve Budd makes the Case foe this diminutive model

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 80
Glover`s Chariot

by Chris Jones
Inspired by the film BAT21 plus a childhood spent in and around Cessna-built aeroplanes, Chris Jones builds ICM`s newly tooled 1/48 O-2A Skymaster

Review | Page 88
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Review | Page 90
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Aircraft Kit
1:48 WWII Luftwaffe Airfield (ICM DS4801)
WWII Luftwaffe Airfield (Messerschmitt Bf-109F-4, Henschel Hs-126 B-1, German Luftwaffe Pilots and Groun
ICM 1:48
DS4801 2021 | Changed parts Multi-topic (1!!)

Review | Page 92
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Military Kits
1:35 FCM 36 (ICM 35336)
WWII French Light Tank
FCM 36
ICM 1:35
35336 2020 | New tool
1:35 M12 GMC (Airfix A1372)
Airfix 1:35
A1372 2020 | Changed ???

Review | Page 94
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Sci-Fi Kits
1:29 Snowspeeder (Revell 05679)
Snowspeeder (The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary)
Revell 1:29
05679 2020 | Model set
1:72 The Mole (AiP AIP10007)
The Mole
AiP (Adventures in Plastic) 1:72
AIP10007 2021* | Changed box
1:144 Thunderbird 1 (AiP AIP10001)
Thunderbird 1
AiP (Adventures in Plastic) 1:144
AIP10001 2021* | Changed box

Review | Page 96
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Figures And Auto Kits

Review | Page 98
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Decal Sheets