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Insignia Magazine 19

Insignia Magazine


Insignia Magazine
19 | July 2019

Table of contents

Reference | Page 74
Blue Rider Decals Redux 1 – WW1 USAAS & US Navy

The first of a series preserving data from out of print Blue Rider decal sheets. First off, here’s the WW1 USAAS and US Navy markings originally issued in 1989.

Reference | Page 76
Macedonian Police Aviation

The history of the Macedonian Police helicopter unit from the 1960s Yugoslav era through to the post independenceMacedonian emergency period of the early 2000s.

Reference | Page 86
Macedonian Army Bell UH-1H

A drawing and photos of the two Bell UH-1H Hueys donated to Macedonia in 2001.

Reference | Page 87
Serial Systems 4 – WW1 k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppe

A look at the serialling system employed by the Austro-Hungarian Luftfahrtruppe in WW1.

Reference | Page 90
Norway Photo Special

Two pages of photographs looking at Norwegian naval aircraft during the inter-war period.

Reference | Page 92
Blue Rider Decals Redux 2 – WW1 Italy

Presenting again the long out of print WW1 Italian Squadriglia Markings originally issued in 1988 and 1990

Reference | Page 94
Yugoslav Naval Aviation 1929-1941

The concluding installment of a detailed two-part look at the development of pre-war Yugoslav Naval Aviation.

Reference | Page 106
Bulgarian DAR Aircraft – Part 5: Gliders 1926-1930

The DAR Zdravka Glider and the DAR (Lazarov) Biplane Glider described and illustrated.

Miscellaneous | Page 109
The Complete Insignia Magazine Index

A comprehensive index to all issues of Insignia Magazine published from 1995 to 2015.