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Insignia Magazine 12

Insignia Magazine


Insignia Magazine
12 | July 1999

Table of contents

Reference | Page 110
What If? No. 3 – The Future Serbian Air Force?

Possible new Federal Yugoslav markings devised by a Yugoslav model club.

Miscellaneous | Page 112
Bosnian Air Arm Update

A study of the two entity air forces that are currently active in Bosnia – the Bosnian & Croat Federation Air Force and the Republika Srpska Air Force.

Reference | Page 118
Air Force Insignia 18 – Turkey

Markings detailed for the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, between 1913 and the present day.

Reference | Page 124
Serial Systems 2 – Chile

A look at the names used instead of serial numbers on early Chilean military aircraft from 1914 to 1924.

Reference | Page 128
Bulgarian DAR Aircraft – Part Seven

The DAR-10A and DAR-10F light bomber prototypes described and illustrated.

| Page 130
Letters and Questions

A double sized letters feature with new information from our readers on Chinese, Polish and Ukrainian markings.

Reference | Page 134
Asen Jordanov-1

Plans and specifications for an early Bulgarian built military biplane based on the Albatros B.I.

News | Page 135
Blue Rider Publishing New Releases 1999

News on Blue Rider Publishing’s release programme for 1999.

Review | Page 136
Product Reviews

An enlarged review section with 11 new books described.

Photo Gallery | Page 139
Readers’ Photographs

A selection of photographs submitted by readers.

News | Page 140
Blue Rider Catalogue 1999

The full 1999 back catalogue, with details of how to order and information on Insignia Magazine subscriptions.

| Page 142
Insignia Volume 3 Index

The full index to Volume 3 of Insignia Magazine.

Reference | Page 143
Air Force Insignia 19 – Rhodesia

Markings for the the Rhodesian Air Force from 1947 to 1980 illustrated. Continued in our next issue.

Reference | Page 144
UTVA BC-3 Trojka

Plans and specifications for this post WW2 Yugoslav primary trainer.