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Airfix Model World Issue 118

Airfix Model World


Magazine:Airfix Model World
Number:Issue 118 | September 2020

Table of contents

Editorial | Page 3
Welcome to Issue 118

by Stu Fone

News | Page 6
News Bulletin

Latest Updates

News | Page 12
Show Guide

At-a-glance model show calendar

Build Report, 1:32  | Page 14
Prop Powered Puppy

by Jay Blackmore
What do Hobbits, Gnomes, and puppies all have in common? Jay Blackmore finds out when he builds a 1/32 Soowith Pup from New Zealand-based firm Wingnut Wings

Tips & Tricks | Page 22
Your Airfix

by Mattew Porter
Grumman Hellcat

Build Report, 1:350  | Page 24
To Boldly Go

by Massimo Santarossa
Massimo Santrossa embarks on an out-of-this-world voyage aboard the USS Franklin -replicated in 1/350 scale by Moebius Models

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 32
Horikoshi's Hot Rod

by Andy Dabies
Andy Davies enjoys a successful carrier 'launch' with Clear Prop Models' superb late-model 1/72 Mitsubishi A5M2b Claude
1:72 A5M2b Claude (Clear Prop! CP72009)
A5M2b Claude Late Version
Clear Prop! 1:72
CP72009 2019 | Changed parts

Build Report, 1:144  | Page 38
'Frightning' Duo

by Mike Gtant
Mike Grant finds a flash of inspiration building a pair of Platz 1/144 BAC Lightnings

Build Report, 1:32  | Page 42
Desert Duellist

by Chris Jones
Chris Jones uses ICM's brand-new 1/32 Gloster Gladiator Mk.I to continue a theme of representing the type as flown by Marmaduke 'Pat' Pattle

Build Report, 1:144  | Page 50
T'riffic Tiny Tanks

by Mike Verier
Mike Verier finds that Brengun's diminutive Soviet T-62 and BTR-60 offerings in 1/144 scale offer some very specific challenges, but that the results are worth the time and effort

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 54
Mighty Midget

by Dean Large
Dean Large considers the value of aftermarket upgrades for Airfix's impressive 1/48 Folland Gnat T.1

News | Page 64
Model Shops

UK and Rep of Ireland

Tips & Tricks | Page 72
Back to Basics

Varnished Truths

Build Report, 1:144  | Page 76
Pocket Rocket

by Mike Grant
Mike Grant 'makes space' on the workbench for New Ware's 1/144 Mercury Atlas Friendship 7 resin kit
1:144 Mercury Atlas (New Ware NW046)
Mercury Atlas Friendship 7 LV
New Ware 1:144
NW046 200x | New tool Multi-topic (2)

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 82
Line of Supply

by John Paulding
John Paulding combines AFV Club's recent 1/35 M54 truck with a Real Modelncomversion set and scrath-built trailer to construct a Vietnam War-era container truck

Reference | Page 92
Fighting Skua

by Malcolm V Lowe
Blackburn's Skua unuaually combinedbthebroles of fighter and dive-bomber for Britian's Royal Navy at the start of World War Two. Malcolm V Lowe recounts the story of this carrier-borne dual-role warplane

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 98
Nordic Diving Hunter

by Mike Wlliams
Special Hobby's re-released 1/48 Skua Mk.II is built by Mike Williams in its 'Norwegian Campaign' guise
1:48 Blackburn Skua Mk.II (Special Hobby SH48046)
Blackburn Skua Mk.II Norwegian Campaign
Special Hobby 1:48
SH48046 (8594071080419) 2018 | Changed decals

Review | Page 104
On The Shelf


Review | Page 108
On The Shelf

Aircraft Kits
1:72 MiG-15bis (Eduard 7059)
Eduard 1:72
7059 2019 | Changed decals
1:72 MiG-17PF (Směr 0920)
Směr 1:72
0920 2019 | Changed decals

Review | Page 110
On The Shelf

Military Kits
1:35 Jagdpanther (Italeri 6564)
Jagdpanther with Winter Crew
Italeri 1:35
6564 2019 | Changed parts Multi-topic (2)
1:35 ZiL-131 KShM (ICM 35524)
ZiL-131 KShM with Soviet Drivers
ICM 1:35
35524 2019 | Changed parts

Review | Page 114
On The Shelf

1:32 US WASP (ICM 32108)
US WASP (1943-1945)
ICM 1:32
32108 2020 | New tool

Review | Page 116
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Auto Kits

Review | Page 118
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Decal Sheets
1:35 M48A3 Patton (Star Decals 35-C1076)
M48A3 Patton 69th Armored Regiment in Vietnam
Star Decals 1:35
35-C1076 2017 | New tool
1:144 MiG-21bis (Ze-Ro Decals 044001)
Croatian Air Force
Ze-Ro Decals 1:144
044001 201x | New tool

Review | Page 122
On The Shelf

1:48 CBU-97 (Eduard 648275)
Eduard 1:48
648275 2017 | New tool
1:32 Control Column (CMK Q32240)
Control Column for Special Hobby/ Pacific Coast kits
CMK (Czech Master Kits) 1:32
Q32240 2016 | New tool

News | Page 126
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Recently Released

Tips & Tricks | Page 130
Display Case

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