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Modeler's Resource 18

Modeler's Resource


Modeler's Resource
18 | October-November 1997

Table of contents

Build Report | Page 10
A Dinosaur's Molding Tale

by Diane E. Debus, Allen A. Debus
Sculpture molding

News | Page 16
Across the Pond

by Andrew Hall
New product releases in the UK

Review, 1:25  | Page 22
Wheels of the Dark Knight

by Bob Egrini
Batman & Robin
Revell 1:25
6726 (85-6724) 1997 New tool

Review | Page 24
Gremlin on the Loose!

by Larry Brackney, Leann Brackney
Sideshow's 1:6 I'm Back, Python Press's 1:8 James Bond, Soldat's 1:6 Debbie Rochon.

Editorial | Page 28
Golden Apple's Model Mania Day!

by Jim Bertges

Review, 1:6  | Page 32
From The Lair of the Craftbeast

by Bill Craft
Boris Vallejo's Vampire's Kiss
Vampire's kiss
Garage Kit 1:6

Build Report | Page 34
Beyond The Bare Bones

by Tom Gilliland
Painting a Kit Kraft Velociraptor

Build Report | Page 36
Anime My Way

by Jerry Buchanan
Boomerang's 1:5 Gin Rei

Review, 1:6  | Page 38
Exploring the Edge

by Tommy Ellis
Henry Higginbatham's 1:6 Minotaur bust and Tommy Ellis' 1:6 Staurikasaurus

Build Report | Page 40
IPMS at Large

by Chuck Davenport
Starship Trooper, part 3

News | Page 48
The Fredericks Files

by Mike Fredericks
New vampire kit releases

Build Report | Page 50
The Mad Model Party IV

by Jim Bertges

Review | Page 54
It's All Plastic To Me

by Jim Bertges
Monsters and Mayhem, Bug Eyed Monsters "It Conquered The World"

Tips & Tricks | Page 58
Tales from the Glue Queen

by Cindy Morgan
Details Make It Happen!

Editorial, 1:24  | Page 60
Truly Uncategorical!

by Rudd Ruana
Scratchbuilding and kitbashing a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang based on drawings from the Ian Flemming children's book