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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models 14

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models


Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models
14 | September 1996

Table of contents

Build Report, 1:24  | Page 8
Modelling The Jupiter II - Part II

by Simon Hill
Concluding our coverage of the Lunar Models 24" Lost in Space classic

Build Report | Page 11
(Almost) Scratchbuilding Stingray

by Dave Sisson
Dave Sisson scratchbuilds Stingray

Build Report | Page 16
In The Court Of Jabba The Hutt

by Bob Gould
How to scratchbuild Star Wars characters

Review, 1:537  | Page 20
Enterprise: The Inside Story

by Simon Roykirk
AMT/Ertl 8790, Cut-Away U.S.S. Enterprise
Star Trek Cut-Away
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
AMT/ERTL 1:537
8790 1995 New tool

Review | Page 22
At Home With Yoda

by Simon Roykirk
AMT/Ertl 8263, Encounter With Yoda on Dagobah
Encounter with Yoda on Dagobah Action Scene
8263 1995 New box Multi-topic (1!!)

Build Report | Page 23
They're Back - And This Time They're Vac-Formed

by David Vincent
Comet Miniatures' Invaders UFO

News | Page 24
Crisp From The Cellulose

Latest news on toys and collectables

Build Report | Page 26
1701 - The Ultimate Refit

by Roger Sides
Restoring the original series starship

Editorial | Page 29
FX Cutting Edge

Interview with Alan Marques of Shepperton's The Magic Camera Company

Editorial | Page 33
From Little Acorns

by Martin Bower
Where it all began - the unseen Martin Bower

Build Report | Page 36
King Of The Monsters!

by Jonathan Mock
Godzilla returns - as a Max Factory vinyl kit.

Review | Page 40
The Black Heart Of The Empire

by Bob Gould
AMT 8784, Darth Vader
Darth Vader
8784-10DO 1995 New tool

Build Report, 1:1  | Page 44
Scratchbuilding A Type 1 Hand Phaser

by Kevin Davies
Star Trek original series Type 1 hand phaser

Build Report, 1:1  | Page 45
Super-Accurising A Replica Phaser

by Marco Lessard
Improving a Star Trek Type II phaser prop kit

Editorial | Page 48
Doc Fawn - The Inside Story

by Marc J. Frattasio
Under the microscope... The Dr. Fawn puppet head from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Review | Page 49
Working On The Workpod

by John Lane
Amaquest's Star Trek Sphinx resin workpod

News | Page 50
Anime World

by John Lane
Mobile Police Patlabor

Editorial | Page 52
Explosive Action With Steve Begg

by Mike Reccia
SF&F interview with Steve Begg, part two