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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models 8

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models


Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models
8 | September-October 1995

Table of contents

Reference | Page 10
Prop Me Up, Scotty

by Mike Reccia
Up close - full-size props from Star Trek: The Exhibition

Editorial | Page 14
Beautiful Billiken

by Mike Howard
An insight into one of the world's most respected model manufacturers.

Editorial | Page 18
Creature Feature: An Interview With Vic Door

by Bob Kavara

News | Page 20
Anime World

by Dave Thatcher
New kit releases

Build Report | Page 23
Building A Force To Be Reckoned With

by Bill Pearson
Creating the Altorian military for Space Precinct

Build Report | Page 28
Babylon 5

Exclusive cover plus exclusive coverage

Build Report, 1:1  | Page 31
Scratchbuilding A Blake's Seven Scorpio Clip Gun

by Kevin Davies

News | Page 36
Crisp From The Cellulose

Action figure and collectible round-up

Build Report | Page 38
You'll Believe A Car Can Fly

by Simon Rush
Scratchbuilding Mac's Jet-Air car from Joe 90

Reference | Page 42
The Galactica Archives Part One

by Rogr Sides
Pictures you never thought you'd see

Review | Page 46
Small Wonders

by Simon Roykirk
Amaquest expands the Trek model fleet

Review, 1:64  | Page 48
On Intercept Course

by Simon Roykirk
Comet Miniatures, Moonbase Interceptor

Review, 1:537  | Page 49
Battle damage Enterprise conversion

by Simon Roykirk
Warm WM-09, Movie Enterprise Battle Damage Conversion

Review, 1:650  | Page 50
Big, Bad Bird!

by Simon Roykirk
AMT/Ertl 8230, Klingon Bird Of Prey
Klingon Bird Of Prey Generations
AMT/ERTL 1:350 (wrongly on box: 1:650)
8230 1995 New tool

Review | Page 51
Classic Confrontation

by Gordon Mitchell
The Model Zone, James Bond and Odd Job

Editorial | Page 52
Spacesuits, Guns & Assorted Girls

by Martin Bower
Martin Bower's futuristic femmes fatales