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Amazing Figure Modeler 57

Amazing Figure Modeler


Magazine:Amazing Figure Modeler
Number:57 | 2014

Table of contents

Editorial | Page 2

by David Fisher
An editorial from AFM publisher David Fisher.

Review | Page 4
Construction Zone

Our reviewing team takes on an all new batch of resin and vinyl figures.

Build Report | Page 12
The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh

by Tom Hering
You'll enter a world of Syn with Tom Hering's masked vigilante The Scarecrow!

Build Report, 1:11  | Page 18

by Jon Giancola
Jon gets Atlantis Model's classic Aurora re-release into ship-shape condition!
1:11 Blackbeard (Aurora 463)
Blackbeard The Bloodthirsty Pirates
Aurora 1:11
463 1965 | New tool

Build Report | Page 24
Modelmania: The Creature's Beach Blaster

by David Fisher
David makes waves with another monster hot rod kit-bash!

Build Report, 1:8  | Page 33

by Jeff Camp
Kryptonite ain't got nothing on Jeff Camp for flattening out Polar Light's Superman!
1:8 Superman (Polar Lights 900)
Superman 75 years
Polar Lights 1:8
900 2013 | New tool

Build Report, 1:25  | Page 38
The Batboat

by Jim Duffy
Surf's Up with a custom Batboat diorama from Jim Duffy!
1:25 Batboat (Polar Lights 6906)
1966 Batman
Polar Lights 1:25
6906 2002 | Changed box

News | Page 42
It Came From The Garage

by Terry J. Webb
The latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

Build Report, 1:144  | Page 46
Forbidden Planet Saucer

by Mark Myers
Glide over to Altair IV in Mark Myers' sleek C-57D Space Cruiser!
1:144 C-57D Starcruiser (Polar Lights 916)
Forbidden Planet
C-57D Starcruiser Deluxe Edition
Polar Lights 1:144
916 2014 | Changed parts

Build Report, 1:200  | Page 52

by Steve Riojas
Steve goes on a London rampage with the latest kit from Monarch Models!
1:200 Gorgo (Monarch 410-149 (Type B Art))
Monarch 1:200
410-149 (Type B Art) 2013 | Changed box

Editorial | Page 56
AFM Profile: Round 2

by Jim Bertges
This issue Jim spotlights hobby leaders Round 2!

Build Report, 1:8  | Page 66
Welcome To The Machine

by Dave Prosser
Dave brings Moebius Model's Ironman and War Machine kits into Stark reality!

Build Report | Page 72
The Munsters

by Steve Riojas
Steve sees what's on the slab in the lab with Moebius Models' Grandpa and Herman Munster kits!