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Amazing Figure Modeler 33

Amazing Figure Modeler


Magazine:Amazing Figure Modeler
Number:33 | 2005

Table of contents

Editorial | Page 2

by Terry J. Webb
Letter From Publisher Terry J. Webb.

Review | Page 4
Construction Zone

Our reviewing team takes on an all new batch of resin and vinyl figures.
1:22 Snowspeeder (AMT/ERTL 38321)
Star Wars
38321 2005 | Changed box

Build Report, 1:1  | Page 10
Resin Royale

by Steve Parke
What do they call resin in France? Steve discovers the answer from Howard S. Studios. (Jules and Vincent busts)

Build Report | Page 14
The Decimator

by Saul Alvarez
Saul gives the latest release from Model Giants a big heads up!

Build Report | Page 18

by Steve Riojas
Steve goes radioactive with CM Studios' Flea Rider.

Build Report | Page 22
Du Musst Caligari Werden!

by Dan Colonna
Dan pulls Nocturna Productions' sleepyhead out of the cabinet.

Build Report | Page 26
The Night Mistress

by Tony Krerowicz
Tony whips X-Factor's latest release into shape!

Build Report, 1:20  | Page 34

by Michael Fichtenmayer
This dynamic flight suit gets a Zero-G overhaul from Michael!
1:20 Fliege (Nitto SF3D Series 15)
Panzer Kampf Anzug
Fliege Space Type
Nitto 1:20
SF3D Series 15 1985 | New tool

Build Report, 1:7  | Page 38
The Doctor Is In!

by Jason Flink
Jason thinks outta the box art on this Aurora inspired kit.

Build Report, 1:570  | Page 42
A Night To Remember

by Jim Duffy
Jim rewrites nautical history with a diorama of Titanic proportions!
1:570 RMS Titanic (Revell H-445)
RMS Titanic Famous Ocean Liner of The Epic Disaster
Revell 1:570
H-445 2001 | Changed box

News | Page 46
It Came From The Garage

by Terry J. Webb
The latest releases on the Garage Kit scene.

Build Report | Page 50

by Ron Sherwood
Ron gets animated with Anime!

Build Report | Page 54
Happy Father's Day!

by Mike Wallace
Mike Takes the cake with Amok Time's "Creep Show" Zombie!

Build Report | Page 58
Barbossa's Curse

by Aaron Thurston
Aaron swabs down Killer Kits' pirate ghost!

Build Report | Page 62
Space Oddity

by Rick Cantu
Rick takes a bite outta Odd World's Munch!

Build Report | Page 66
Organ Donor

by Mike Falcigno
Mike strikes the right note with Forbidden Zone's Phantom.

Photo Gallery | Page 74
AFM Reader's Gallery

AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.

Miscellaneous | Page 76
Classified Advertising