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Amazing Figure Modeler 63

Amazing Figure Modeler


Amazing Figure Modeler
63 | 2017

Table of contents

Editorial | Page 2

by Mark Glassy
An editorial from Mark Glassy, Ph. D

Review | Page 4
The Construction Zone

Model kit and product reviews

Build Report, 1:20  | Page 10

by Steve Riojas
Steve Riojas builds up the Wave Corp Ma.K Krote kit.
Series 9
Kröte Panzer Aufklärungs T.W.47
Wave Corporation 1:20
Series 9 (YK-04) 2010 New parts

Build Report, 1:8  | Page 16
Robby the Robot

by Dave Prosser
Dave Prosser scratch builds a vehicle for the Lunar Models Robby kit.

Build Report, 1:32  | Page 24
Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots

by Steve Riojas
Steve Riojas kit bashes some 1960's Rock'em Sock'em Robot toys with Pegasus Alpha Centauri U.F.O. model kit.
Alpha Centauri U.F.O.'s
Pegasus Hobbies 1:32
9102 2011 New tool

Build Report, 1:6  | Page 28
Lost in Space

by Mark Myers
Mark Myers adds lights and sounds to a Moebius B9 Robot kit.
Robot B9
Moebius Models 1:6
939 2013 New tool

Build Report, 1:6  | Page 34

by Dave Prosser
Dave Prosser builds the Creature Features gunslinger from the original movie.

Build Report | Page 38
Mars Attacks!

by Jon Giancola
Jon Giancola uses Mantic Games and Warlord Games Bolt action figures to model a diorama based on the recent card based game from the Mars Attacks series.

Editorial | Page 44
AFM's Profile: Atlantis Modles

by Jim Bertges
Jim Bertges interviews Peter Vetri and Rick Del Favero, founders of Atlantis Models

News | Page 50
It Came From The Garage

by Terry J. Webb
Terry J. Webb spotlights new hobby products

Build Report, 1:8  | Page 56
Silent Running

by Tom Seiler
Tom builds a custom diorama featuring Huey, Dewey and Louie from the sci-fi classic "Silent Running".
Maintenance Drone no. 3
Bronson Canyon Creations 1:8
2017 New tool
Drone no. 2
Bronson Canyon Creations 1:8
2017 New tool
Maintenance Drone no. 1
Bronson Canyon Creations 1:8
2017 New tool

Editorial | Page 64
I was a Teenage Robot

by Tom Seiler
Tom Seiler interviews the actress Cheryl Sparks (Huey Drone) who was in the 1972 Movie "Silent Running".

Build Report | Page 72
ModelMania with David Fisher: Do Androids Dream of Electric Model Kits?

by David Fisher
David Fisher builds the Studio Numina B-2654 (Deckard) kit from "Blade Runner".