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Dune Atreides Ornithopter

Meng Model | No. DS-007 | 1:72

Boxart Dune Atreides Ornithopter DS-007 Meng Model


Meng Model
Dune Atreides Ornithopter
DS-007 (Also listed as DS7|MENDS7)
Full kit
2024 New tool
4897038554034 (EAN)
Dune » Other (Science Fiction)

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Meng Model
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DS007 | MNGDS-007 | -MODEL DS-007

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WIPView album, image #6New: 12 June, 17:56
Primed and black based. The wings were absolutely tedious, winged it in the end.
1:72 Dune Atreides Ornithopter (Meng Model DS-007)


Still waiting for it to show up on gundamit and hlj. Shame about the cockpit and hatch on the back, maybe meng will put out a 1.5/improved version like with those big eva kits.
19 May, 07:27
Matt L
Hope we are seeing multiple kits on the marker soon where they have improved the cockpit. It should be a popular one.
19 May, 07:11
Thierry Belanger
One of the main attraction of the kit at this size is the large windows. However, the cockpit is incredibly plain, windows have tabs that seems like they will be visible when model is completed.
Wayyyy too expensive to have such flaws. I would rather stay with the smaller scale, at least you don't expect a cockpit
13 May, 01:14
Jeremy Hartline
Anyone see these for pre order at the 1:72 scale? They are said to be coming out in April, and I'm surprised there are so few options since that's right around the corner. Don't want to miss it!
23 March, 22:08
Matt L
Imagine this one might get western spinoffs. Could Revell get this one?
19 March, 12:17
Matt L
High on the list of future project.
21 March, 18:28
Petar Žorić
Oh man, this is gonna be good! I enjoyed building the small one, but this is going to be something else!
2 16 March, 22:05
Finally a better scale!
1 15 March, 21:52
David Lengyel
Better details too
16 March, 00:01

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