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J C (Lexhellcat)

Spitfire Type 300 "First flight"


16 | 10. March, 02:33
Erik Leijdens
Nice! Is this OOB?
10. March, 06:36
Gordon Sørensen
Looks great, J C! How did you make the flush exhausts? What colours are you going to use to paint it? I have the old Pegasus 1/72 to do one day...
10. March, 11:41
I made them in CAD. They are not flush by the way, the exhausts on the first flight were protruding. They were made flush a bit later. This is the first flight version and it will be silver.
11. March, 03:44
Norbert Steffens
really nice modell. I like your metal finish. Did you use Alclad for the alu color tones?
21. March, 06:36
Btw, I remember when I was a kid, we had at the library at school ONE nice book for scale modeling and it was usually lent out to others, but I still remember how there was photos of people working with metal foil, and I think I distinctly remember the book saying that you could discolor the foil using egg shells (somehow) to make it look less shiny. I never tried it out.
21. March, 07:54
David Taylor
Stunning Shrew.
21. March, 08:25
Robert Podkoński
Simply beautiful!
21. March, 10:10
Top finish!👍
21. March, 10:19
Hanno Kleinecke
Very refreshing to see Reginald's baby in its birthday suit, sets it soothingly apart from the legions of standard camo spits.
Big like ! 👍
21. March, 19:52
21. March, 21:11
Daniel Klink
Halleluljah, rarely seen subject wonderfully done👍
21. March, 21:16
Jan Peters
Beautifull work!
22. March, 04:58


1:48 Spitfire Story: The Few (Eduard 11143)

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