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Christian Bruer
Christian Bruer

Naval Mine Recovery

A Mine Recovery and Disposal Squad towing away a naval mine from the beach with the aid of a Bren gun carrier.


18 7 March, 18:33
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Watching. This promises to be very interesting. 🙂
7 March, 18:37
Christian Bruer
Thx, well let us see what I can make out of it.
7 March, 18:45
Ben M
Hi, where did you get the mine? I have a naval mine project coming up as well.
7 March, 19:01
Looks ful, best of luck
7 March, 21:31
Martin Oostrom
This should be a blast!
7 March, 22:30
Christian Bruer
Thank you all 🙂

@Ben M, a modelling friend was so kind to print the mine
8 March, 14:37
Michael Kohl
Cool. I am in.
8 March, 14:40
Ralf Topeters
Looks far more than interesting. I'm in! 🙂
8 March, 19:26
Wow. Cool project. Here comes the Bruer Carrier! 😉
8 March, 19:33
Tom B.
A very interesting topic! Mine-disposal is often overlooked, but highly important. Looking forward to the result 👍
8 March, 19:40
Zsolt Czegle
Awesome! 👍
9 March, 11:25
Alec K
This will be another gem 👍
9 March, 12:50
Looks interesting.
9 March, 13:49
Christian Bruer
Thx to all for your interest and kind comments 🙂
12 March, 16:33
Ben M
The interior of the carrier is great. The figures are fantastic, I have no idea how you can do that in 1:72!
12 March, 18:41
Christian Bruer
Thank you Ben 🙂

The drivers compartment is enclosed and the driver in place and I just made a first setting with the painted figures. Well, I think it will come together nicely.

Happy Modelling, Christian
13 March, 19:53
Simon Nagorsnik
Looks very promising, also the interior is well done and fantastic figures👍
18 March, 22:44
Christian Bruer
Thank you Simon 🙂
19 March, 17:39
What Ben M said. 🙂 👍
19 March, 17:47
Christian Bruer
What I said to Ben M 😄
19 March, 17:50
Christian Bruer
Slow progress, the differential gear is in place and ready for some paint before the rear plate can be added. I scratch build a new rack and eyelets and a rail that can be seen on photos.

Happy Modelling, Christian
11 April, 17:29
looking really good Christian
11 April, 18:39
Daniel Klink
11 April, 19:51
Christian Bruer
Thank you Spanjaard and welcome Daniel 🙂
11 April, 22:17
Peter Hardy
Mine-d blowing idea Christian! Love the mine already!
13 April, 10:01
Christian Bruer
Thank you Peter 🙂
13 April, 20:14
Christian Bruer
Additional details added and paintwork done. Next weathering and effects.

Happy Modelling, Christian
18 April, 18:24
Alec K
Great modeling Christian 👍
19 April, 15:18
Christian Bruer
Thank you Alec 🙂
20 April, 16:30


16 bilder
1:72 Universal Carrier II Mk.II (IBG Models 72024)

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