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Star Wars Star Destroyer

Zvezda | Nr. 9057 | 1:2700

Boxart Star Destroyer 9057 Zvezda


Tittel:Star Wars Star Destroyer
Utgitt:2016 | Førsteutgivelse - new tool
Strekkode:4600327090577 (EAN)
Emballasje:Brettet eske (Toppåpning)
Tema:Star destroyer Imperial-class » Star Wars (Science Fiction)

Eskens innhold

Inkluderer: Støpebrett

625x480x80 mm (24.6x18.9x3.1 inch)

Produktets tidslinje

1:2700 Star Destroyer (Zvezda 9057)
New tool
1:2700 Imperial Star Destroyer (Revell 06719)
Ny boks
1:2700 Imperial Star Destroyer (Revell 85-6459)
Ny boks
1:2700 Imperial Star Destroyer (Revell 06052)
1:2700 Imperial Star Destroyer (Revell 00456)
Nye deler


Last ned instruksjoner 3314Kb (.pdf)



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EUR 68.00
EUR 67.50

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1:2700 Star Destroyer (Zvezda 9057)
1:2700 Star Destroyer (Zvezda 9057)
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Pavel Pinzhin
Being frequently asked by russian community "Will there be other Star Wars ships?", Zvezda said "We should see first how successfull this one will be."
28. October 2016, 05:31
Urban Gardini
Let's hope that they'll give us a Tie Bomber in 1:72...
29. October 2016, 15:09
Soeren .
I think it will be very successful, if the price is good😉
29. October 2016, 15:11
I'd like to see a Lambda shuttle in eh 1:144 scale or 1:72 scale.
15. December 2016, 19:24
A B-Wing in 1:72 would be sooooo nice.
23. March 2017, 08:45
Gavin Snowdon
B wing coming. Bandai. Out soon
20. February 2018, 00:40
Andy Christiaens
So anything known about the price yet?
18. November 2016, 12:33
Mike Thomas
See one on ebay for $160.00 (Canadian dollars)
18. November 2016, 12:45
I see two sellers for about $116 and one seller for $170 on ebay this evening. Presumably, all too high.
8. December 2016, 21:09
Sometimes I think the prices on ebay seem a little funny. Low prices and high shipping, or high price, and low shipping. I guess the really interesting price would have to be the sum of the kit price + shipping.
8. December 2016, 21:34
Glenn .
Another big model on the way to me at the moment! (Just brought a Airfix Victor and also the Squadron Hanuebu II as well) Will have to drill hundreds of tiny holes in the Star Destroyer and light the hell out of it! 🙂 got it for $91.08 USD plus around $25 postage. It's a BIG BOX.
21. January 2017, 18:28
Glenn .
Just arrived! Very big box! All instructions only in Russian no English (no big deal) it's only a wedge pretty simple to build and nicely detailed. The box states, "WARNING Any sales of this kit outside former USSR are illegal" so don't expect it to turn up in any shops in Europe or the USA. The Disney License must only be for Russia? BUT my guess is that this will get re-boxed by Revell? Like some of the other Zvezda kits eg Boeing 787 and the New tool Mig-29 kit. Just like the Finemoulds Millennium Falcon did 🙂
7. February 2017, 17:03
More likely they didn't pay a licence to manufacture. Disney probably have no way of suing in that part of the world
7. February 2017, 19:35
Glenn .
I believe they have got a licence from Disney. They also did the movie "Planes" models. So i don't think they would spend all this money tooling it only for Russia!
8. February 2017, 03:44
Was just a thought. If I lived in Russia I would be more worried about buying an actual tank to survive the other drivers than buying kits
8. February 2017, 04:02
I've seen this before with textbooks. There are certain editions made specifically for certain markets where they're sold for less (usually a lot less). That label is there to discourage resellers from buying up all the stock and flipping it for profit in another country. I'm sure official Star Destroyers will come to North America soon enough.
8. February 2017, 15:13
Glenn .
Agree, Most likely with a Revell logo on the box i think! I was just worried about a tall heavy breathing "mouse" dressed in black turning up at my doorstep! Karrrrrrrrrr....Heeeeeeee......Karrrrrrrrr......Heeeeeee..... looking for the Star Destroyer 🙂
9. February 2017, 03:30
I just ordered and paid for this kit off Ebay, but for about $116, which might be more than the final price for all I know. The two sellers do seem legit, but I've never done this before, buying something that isn't already a common item in stores. It looks to me that the two sellers re-listed their items this evening, maybe they are putting up just a few number of kits for sale at a time? Someone warned me about buying this today, so I hope this turns out ok for me. 🙂
8. December 2016, 21:02
I just got an email confirmation today this Saturday about the item having been shipped. Two days after I placed an order.
10. December 2016, 10:31
it may be entirely legit. i just hope you do not have surprises with customers. i recently order a model from, nice price (30+ EUR) but because the value was above the threshold of 22EUR, i had to pay the VAT, plus the administration fee.... total 18EUR extra. so the price was basically increased 50%, although was of no fault of the shop.....
10. December 2016, 14:01
Yes, for me for buying online, there is a magical price limit I try to stick to, howeve I have decided to overlooked that limit for this one particular kit. 🙂 So I expect an additional fee of 25% taxes and something equivalent to $17 in customs fee, basically making the kit more expensive.
10. December 2016, 14:30
the only difference between adults and children, is the price of the toys 😄
11. December 2016, 10:48
I wonder what the model's width is. It sort of looks like this 60cm long model might perhaps fit in my display cabinet, which is 61cm wide and 37cm deep. 🙂
10. December 2016, 18:00
Hm, someone showed a photo in a forum, showing whole hull and with a ruler on the side of it. When I use an image editing tool to adjust the depicted ruler in that photo, the width appear to be about 34,5cm wide.
10. December 2016, 18:07
Don't forget to use the proper gray color everyone! 🙂 Afaik, empire ships generally has a cool gray, while the Millennium Falcon has an overall warm gray.
10. December 2016, 10:05
Something more close to 'light aircraft gray' (cooler?), but not 'light gull gray' (warmer?).
10. December 2016, 14:28
I think this will be a fun project to add styrene to and mess around with. I won't go overboard with detailing it, but I can probably add a few things. Like the garbage shute opening and improving the two domes.
I wonder how I will fit this Star Destroyer in my spray booth for airbrushing. I suppose worst case, would be to do the airbrushing out on the balcony (acrylic paint). 🙂
10. December 2016, 10:27
Pavel Pinzhin
Fotos of assembled test model. Shipping start of December.
1. November 2016, 06:59
17. November 2016, 13:44
Pavel Pinzhin
First shots of test sprues:
23. October 2016, 06:16
Bart Goesaert
looks good... will take it's place in the closet at approx. 60cm...
28. October 2016, 10:09
1. November 2016, 07:00
Cesar Muniz
Zvezda have licence from Disney for Star Wars models?
26. October 2016, 20:27
Pavel Pinzhin
They do have general Disney license, so, probably, Star Wars are covered by that 🙂
Maybe there are regional restrictions though, I'm not sure.
By now they produce pure Disney "Cars" and "Planes" snap-fits, Marvel "Avengers" snap-fits, a magnificent 1/72 Pirates of Caribbean "Black Pearl" (wich is sold abroad Russia as a generic "pirate ship" Black Swan, I believe) - and all of that are licensed products.
28. October 2016, 05:25

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