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Thread started by weedsrock2

According to the Round2/MPC website this is an entirely new tool: round2corp.com/new-tooling/#MK
Round2 has adopted the habit of creating brand new and improved tools of worn out old tools. Unfortunately (IMO) they also like to put the original box art on the new release making it very confusing to differentiate the old and new tools.
'71 Dodge Demon
MPC 1:25
997 2024 New tool
8 September 2023, 00:35
Bob Hall
8 September 2023, 01:04
Bob Hall
I think they are updating and improving a lot of vintage kits.
8 September 2023, 01:05
And I think that is a great thing. It is on my wishlist! I just wish they wouldn't use the same "vintage" box art, or at least put "new tooling" on the box. Tracking the lineage of old car kits is already pretty difficult.
8 September 2023, 05:06
Bob Hall
Well, as they say " Everything old is new again" .
8 September 2023, 16:18
Martin Oostrom
Some people are going to buy something way older than they were expecting…
8 September 2023, 17:16
Bob Hall
Na, Round 2 has a knack for changing it up just enough to notice it a new issue, plus old kits don't have the UPC codes and parts list on the box.
8 September 2023, 17:57

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