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Thread started by GaryCN

Gary Norton
Recently delivered, havn't opened it yet.
Lockheed Martin
F-35A Lightning II
Tamiya 1:48
61124 2022 New tool
26 December 2022, 11:59
Maciej Bellos
Please do!
26 December 2022, 15:45
Gary Norton
I just went to one of the bigger hobby stores in my area and purchased about $75 worth of Tamiya paint from the Paints Required page in the instruction manual. and I already had about 6 of the X and XFs.
27 December 2022, 22:31
Yeah Gary i know what you mean it's definitely not the cheapest hobby out there.
5 January, 12:26
Gary Norton
In my location SE Michigan keeps me busy during the winter season. It will taper off come spring and summer. I do quite a bit of woodworking also, scratch-built models.
5 January, 21:20
That's also something that i like to do woodworking most of my furniture i made myself. I cannot say that it's a hobby of mine but i like to do it from time to time.
6 January, 08:35
Robert Suffak
Hi Gary! After a few decades I have returned to the Modelling World. Made plastics and flying models too. My dream is a scratch built replica of a Nieuport or Fokker from WWI. Does there exist a good source of plans? Should you be able to point me to a such source I would be thankful. Ragards!
29 January, 16:20

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