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Ben Vaughan
Early images show absolutely MASSIVE RAM tape. I excited for the quality of the build, disappointed by the tape. Perhaps it can be sanded back?
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Tamiya 1:48
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4 October, 16:39
Martin Füri
You mean the seals around panels? Will those be reaised?
7 October, 12:20
Ben Vaughan
Looks like it, yes.
7 October, 20:15
I've seen review of the kit online...and I can say that RAM tape can't be sanded...shame...Tamiya has always been benchmark for the surface details..i don't know what happened...RAM tape is one or two centimeters thick not couple of inches like on the kit...weird thing for Tamiya kit.
18 October, 19:19
Murad ÖZER
Youtube Video


it doesn't look that massive on video or at least any more pronounced than other manufacturers. no way of telling for sure until a hands on experience of course. if it was up to me there would be no raised ram tape detail at all but the video speaks for itself why tamiya is tamiya.
21 October, 09:43
Patrick Hagelstein
Wow! That is some impressive fit! 😮
21 October, 09:57
Youtube Video

21 October, 10:53
Martin Füri
Oh boi, this looks great! 🤟🏼
22 October, 08:09
Ben Vaughan
I figure I'm going to get this regardless for the engineering alone. I'll be going for the newer single color finish instead of the early generations that make it stand out so much more.
22 October, 16:25

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