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Thread started by TSHobbies

Tim Sloan
DOH!!!! I just bought the 1/32 kit this weekend because I wanted a nice B25 and the Accurate Miniatures kit is crap..so I bit the bullet and went ahead with the 1/32 ,even though I wanted 1/48.... well, at least I havent started it yet anyway! I,ll take a half dozen of these please
B-25J Mitchell
HK Models 1:48
01F008 2022* New tool
1 31 August, 14:47
I think I want this one over the Academy offer. 🙂
31 August, 15:00
Tim Sloan
yes, thats a rebox of the Accurate Miniatures kit...just finished the assembly of one myself, and decided to toss it.. so many ill fitting parts its not worth the hassle.
31 August, 15:05
If I could choose, I think I would want a different nose on the B-25 though, the ones with guns. Hm, maybe, just maybe it might be optional (or not).
31 August, 20:17
Tim Sloan
most likely will have, or will come out with it ,since they already have it in 32
31 August, 20:18
Michael Satin
From the boxart, this looks like the modified glass nose with the guns (which is the one I would want).
21 September, 22:53
Tim Sloan
HK says theyre are due for October release...just happens to be my birthday on the 20th
22 September, 19:15

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