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Thread started by StefanoGaranzin

Stefano Garanzini
This is a symbol. An idea. A pure representation of fight of the weak against the mighty. David against Golia or whatever it was. After that symbol, a nation is suffering, dying, losing relatives, homes, land and freedom. Also if it is a fake, Ghost of Kyiv is existing in every ukrainian fighting each day for his life. Slava Ukraine.
The Ghost of Kyiv MiG-29 of Ukrainian Air Forces
UA ICM 1:72
72140 2022 New decals
Does any other folks and nations "alowed" to fabricate such symbols post events too?
7 May, 15:32
Not sure what you are asking? can you be more specific
7 May, 15:39
Nikita Nikulin
This nation has been killing its fellow citizens in Donbas for 8 years. Without a twinge of conscience, she mocked and killed Russian pow on video. And now they need a symbol? They need conscience and honor, not a symbol
25 May, 21:52
Ben Trif
the ghost of kyiv is real btw, the pilots name is Samuyil Hyde
25 May, 21:56
@nikita: that is not an answer to borisz his question. Please refrain making such statements here on scalemates.

26 May, 05:25
Günther Debiscop
Can't we just remove this thread? SM is no place for any political statements.
30 May, 10:51

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